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    There seems to be some confusion as to how many {Mac} clans there are and what games are being played. I myself would like to clarify this issue.

    If anyone knows of, or wants to start a {Mac} clan, then please post. Please be sure to include the title of that game as well.

    At the moment there are four that I know of, all of which use (or plan on using the {Mac} sig).

    {Mac} Clans
    1. Tactical-Ops
    2. Warcraft 3
    3. RtCW (Thanks to chibianh)
    4. Starcraft (Thanks to asurace)
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    there's probably a {Mac} clan in RtCW also.. I've seen a few float around while playing...
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    I would join Warcraft 3 clan.
    But need to get a hold of the game first.
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    Better Idea {MR} like {MA} just better (MA has alot of horrible newbs in all of it's games).

    My Suggested Games for us.

    BTW- U could always just host the site ur self W/ Dyndns um MR.dyndns.com
    Hey I'd even be willing to host it if I got some self w/ the site creation (Still learing Java2 and such) Sure it would'nt be that fastest but it would be fine if it was just info not downloads. Anyone else w/ somethin faster then 128 up (real) willin to voluntear?
    Whoa that had horrible grammer.
    Whatever All I need it a faster computer then this pos G3 233 then Il'l be able to actually play :rolleyes:
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    da clan

    Just wondering if there would be any backlash from using a game peecee on the Mac clan.... :D I have the games installed onto the pc, and not on the Mac (800MHz TiBook that I just did a restore on over the weekend). I will, probably, reinstall all the good games back onto the TiBook one of these days, I just don't know when. So many games, so few of them OS X native... sad really.

    Considering how Oni came out ready for OS X all that time ago. So very few games have done the same, or even released official patches/updates to get them to run native under OS X.

    I hope UT2 is OS X native, THAT would rock. :D
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    Hey Im post alot right now :rolleyes:
    NP IMO cuz as MA says u can't beat a kick ass PC gaming rig. (hopefully this changes) As for UT2K3 it should be X native cuz a XP to Unix port would be much easier then XP to classic and since classic is dead it would make no sense. My guess is Westlake and Macsoft port and release it like UT. Hopefully its out by summers end.
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    War 3 Clan

    I'm in charge with forming the Macrumors War 3 Clan, {Mac} Came from one of my posts. Our clan plans to use this sig. If you need to know anythin else please contact me.
    Join the War 3 clan {Mac}™
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    Could we use the sig {Mac} in other games as well? Draft and I want to use it for our Macrumors Tactical-Ops clan.
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    Sure you can use {Mac} Unless of course the 2 programs magically share names then you should be fine;)
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  11. job
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    lol. :D Thanks!
  12. job
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    We have a Starcraft {Mac} Clan now. Check with asurace for details.

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    Yep, head over to http://clans.heavystorm.com/clan.cgi?mac to join.
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    Hello, it's me again. Are there certain requirements needed to join the macrumors clan? Or do you just have to be part of these forums? I've had people ask me on Rtcw if they can join and wear the {MaC} sig.... cool or what? I'm doin us proud!

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    That's weird, the link works when I click on it. I'll try to figure out what's up.
  17. job
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    As far as I know there is no set req. for Clan {Mac} membership. I would guess that anyone in the MR forum community would be allowed automatic entry. I have also had people in Tactical-Ops ask me if they can join. Fun Stuff!

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    How ironic...

    ...the {Mac} clan webpage doesn't like Omniweb. IE works just fine though. btw, I would recommend spell-checking the page, and possibly "anit-zealoting" it a bit. I'm going to join tomorrow, but right now I need sleep. Good night.
  19. job
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    Re: How ironic...

    Which one? The {Mac} Tactical-Ops site or the {Mac} Starcraft site?

    The {Mac} Tactical Ops site is here.

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    Re: Re: How ironic...

    Ignore that post. It started working again, I'm not sure what was wrong.
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    Re: Re: How ironic...

    I'm guessing mine...
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    Re: Re: Re: How ironic...

    Ah. Ok. I was not exactly sure which site he meant.

    And in a totally unrelated post : Warcraft 3 is officially available and the prelim. results are in :

    The game runs fine on a 8MB card and 400 Mhz! I'll be able to play it!

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    Your clan and my clan

    To be honest, I've never been to macrumors.com before now.

    Your whole {Mac} clan has come as a bit of a surprise to me. I was idling in #mAc on irc.enterthegame.com, when a member of my clan starts spouting off websites that has this {Mac} clan thing going on.

    Now, as far as I can tell, you started, mid June?. Now, don't get me wrong. I have no animosity towards you, and as a matter of fact, the clan *I* belong to not only has a very similar tag, {mAc}, and have been around for a little shy of three and a half years. I thought I would just like to stop by and say hello, and offer a little congratulations on another Macintosh gaming clan sprouting up. You can visit us at http://www.Clan-mAc.com.

    We play primarily BroodWar, but with WarCraft 3 coming out, a lot of our members are playing that. We also play Vanilla StarCraft, RTCW, Q3, UT, D2, and D2X. However, we are by no means limited by this, and every once in a while we enjoy some bolo, or a little capture-the-skull on Marathon:AO=]

    Of course, there could be a little confusion, since we are so similar.. mayhap your people could talk to my people, and we could do lunch and get to know each other a little better. ;)

    In this particular thread though, I did notice that you mentioned a clan called MA. Do you mean Clan MacAddict? We have had a little contact with them (some inter-clan tournaments). Anyhoo, you will find my particular contact information in the profile here, and you can always post on our forums. Furthermore, you can stop by at the afore mentioned IRC channel if you would like to speak.

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    Hello SinVulture, welcome to macrumors!

    I kind of figured that there was another mac clan with the {mAc} sig. I have seen some flying around while playing RtCW and have chatted with AK-47. I also run into members of clan MA frequently also. So far, from what I have experienced, mac gamers are a lot more friendly than pc gamers... i wonder why? lol

    Anyway, I hope to see you around more often, either on these boards, or on one of the games. I usually play under {Mac}cHiBi or chibianh. See you around.
  25. job
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    Re: Your clan and my clan

    Ah, it seems we ought to have done our homework first. :) Well, since the tags are similar, I guess we could change our tag to [MR] or {MR} or something. I don't really care. :cool:

    But you guys don't play Tactical-Ops : AoT on a regular basis, do you? :D

    :D :D

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