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Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by mmmdreg, Apr 26, 2002.

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    Is everyone around here that uses SETI@home part of the MacAddict team? Why don't we start a MacRumors SETI team...maybe even game clans MacAddict...We do seem to have a large enough community here..
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    well, i used to have seti@home on my PC but i had to format my hard drive and haven't put it back on yet. and i'm not part of the MacAddict team either. a game clan sounds good though. what games does everyone play? i love the Fallout series, and i'm currently playing Fallout Tactics. if theres any other Fallout fans out there, let me know and we'll set up a game!!
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    Hi, we would need lots of people to make any impact. At the moment I am already in a team. My Dual Ghz G4 is pretty good for SETI!!
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    I agree on tightening the MR community in any way, like eg games.
    But, sorry to say, I'm not such a gamer.
    rather a poster.:p
    btw think the cost for a game is wasted money, after a while you get tired of it, or finished it, and then you put it aside.
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    Good point..I haven't picked up a game for months and I'm still in high how about a MR SETI team? we have thousands of members here, mostly with at least one mac, if more...if we all get SETI, we could have the beginnings of a fairly formidable team can't we? (Team MacAddict has 5877 members as of a few seconds ago..some inactive of course)
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    After more checking, I've found that of the over 4000 members we have here, just over 2000 have posted at least once. Add a few lurkers and less a few who've dissapeared after there first post and you get around 2000 my predictions for how good we could become was pretty optimistic...nevertheless, MR is always growing so we could give a SETI team a try anyhow...
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    Mr. Anderson

    I was on the MacAddict team, I haven't been active in almost a year. I think I might have about 25 or so completed, not really that much. If you get it going, I'll put it on my 450 G4, it will be good for several a week.
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    I've done 227 with MacAddict on my trusty iMac 600...but I don't think I can start a official MR SETI team..that would be up to Arn or Blakespot right?
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    I have about 266 units completed. I do about 20 a week.
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    That's super-fast!! it takes me like 15 hours to do one unit because I'm running folding@home at the same time most of the time (and I don't have a dual G4) you run the GUi version or the CLI? and if you use the CLI, is it noticably faster than the GUI version?

    BTW, I just noticed that I've done my 100th post! for the 500 mark.
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    I use the CLI version of the client. It processes 2 units every 6 and a half hours or so on my Dual 1Ghz machine. I have not used the GUI version in OSX, but, in OS9, it takes between 7-11 hours to process 1 unit!!!
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    What do you say arn? I'm in for the SETI clan, and I would be interested in a Wolfenstein network game or two.

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    This sounds cool. I used to do the whole SETI thing but I gave up, not sure why. But I'd be straight back into it if this thing started up. Lets see, what do I have to offer? I could get an 800 iMac, a 933 QuickSilver, a 366 iBook, a 400 Graphite, and maybe a few older Macs. I think I could do a bit :)

    As for games, I'm not a huge game player, but I have been known to partake in the occasional game of UT ;), let's do it...
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    Is arn listening? I've barely seen him post outside the Article threads so maybe he hasn't been by yet...maybe an email would get his attention..
  18. arn
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    :) We can start a SETI group - though I have to say, we'd be way behind... but if interest is there... I'll get on it...

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    Do it! Do it! I'm pumped, I want to get alllll my machines running SETI!!!

    OK, so I'm not that excited ;) But I think there's enough interest here to start a SETI group.
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    Yeah..Lets do it..
    I'm in high school and have my own iMac 600 running 24/7 so that generates more than the average PC user who keeps his machine turned off all day...we have other macs around the house as well that could work for MR..
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    2 macs here

    I am a 13 year old kid i have 2 macs only but if we get a seti team going ill keep em both running seti@home 24x7.

    man it fells weird to be back at one post i quess that what happens when you forget your old pass and all that.

    Cant wait for MR seti@home team
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    Where to Set Up

    Arn: Here is the place to set up the team but you probly already have been here and done it but anyway

    I also talked to my cus and I can get 4 more macs running it so that puts my number up to 6 boxes if MR does a team. (running 24x7 x 6 boxes thats about 100 units if not more a week, Pretty good for a start i can get more boxes 2)

    /Scott Meinzer
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    Check this out, I think this is a much better comparision because it is broken down my CPU speed and type and core etc. I don't see any high end macs on the list though, so I think we should download the test set (that way every set is a known factor) I will post my times whenever I get back from the bank I am robbing to buy my new TiBook this afternoon! ;)
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    Is there a MR SETI clan yet? Is there going to be one?
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'd be up for pumping out some work units, count me in. If we get this going, we're going to have to set up a separate forum just for MR Seti. Ooh, thats funny, don't know if I like it.

    What will we call ourselves, anyway?

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