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Macally Flexfitpad vs Belkin Grip Vue?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by sparkstsa, Apr 27, 2010.

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    I was wondering if anyone can give any input on these two cases. How do they compare?
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    Have the Belkin Grip Vue (clear), and I really like it. It has extra protection around the corners, gives you a secure feeling in your hands, and helps retain the look of the iPad if you get the clear version.
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    I went ahead and ordered the macally flexfitpad from antonline.com
    It was $28.47 after tax and shipping. I will post my review here once I get it.
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    you wont be disappointed, especially at half the price of the belkin.
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    Hope you get it soon. cant wait for a review
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    I did a lot of digging and I believe they're both the same product, likely from the same factory with just a logo change.

    The Grip Vue is available right now in any Apple mall store. The flexfitpad isn't released yet. I'm extremely happy with my Belkin Grip Vue, so no longer do I wonder about the flexfitpad. It's can't possibly be any better than the Belkin.

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    You're wrong. I have both and they don't even come close Belkin being on top with much higher quality and research in making it.

    I would say spending a little more will much more benefit you and your iPad in everyday use.

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