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Macally IceKey keyboard.....Sweeeeeet

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by zagato27, Sep 26, 2004.

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    Just a quick hit on the Macally IceKey keyboard. Read some reviews on it that said it rocks. Well, I'm here to tell ya....it rocks. I've got a G5 and actually want a bluetooth mouse but came across some reviews of the IceKey and decided "what the heck". The action is like the keyboard on a PowerBook. Very crisp. I can "fly" on this board. Little bit different in that the keys are "chicklet" style with no "cup" but I don't find that a hinderance. Besides, it will prepare me for a PowerBook someday ;) . Anyway, I'd heard that the drivers that come with the unit were not the latest and you had to go to MacUpdate to get the latest. Surprise, my disc came with the latest drivers. Expose feature works as normal, volume up/down, disc eject everything works great. One thing that I've found is that the "number lock" key does not illuminate the number lock light. Ok with me. Oh yes, it has 2 USB ports. Hmmm, can't tell you if they are 2.0 ports. I wanted to order this from Newegg as they had the best price but when I was ordering they were out so I ordered from another vendor. Turns out that I supplied them with the wrong credit card info so they couldn't complete the order. Got an email from Newegg that it was back in stock and saved $5. I think that the total came to $39.83 (free 2 day delivery...yeah a buck here a buck there). This is a great buy. Course the "boss" (better half :rolleyes: ) hasn't weighed in yet but am sure that it will be ok. Now if I could only find a good BT mouse (I love the RadTech but wish that it was not so much a "travelling mouse but for use with a desktop....maybe they'll make one). Anyway, 2 thumbs up for the Macally IceKey. Cheers
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    Their website doesn't show a very good pic of it. If you have a digital cam, could you post a better one here? :D
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    Yes and no. Yup got a digi cam but don't have the software to "size" it to post. My pictures are huge! Like I said, the keys are very similar to PB keys (well, they're white). Slim with two "legs" in the back, USB ports on each end of the "tube" that runs along the top. Trust me, it's a handsome unit. Cheers
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    Thanks musicpyrite - looks like a cool keyboard.
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    It strike me as funny that people like laptop keyboards. I like the one on my PowerBook, but usually people switch off to "normal" keyboards when they are using their laptop.
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    Looks like it uses notebook type keys. Pass.

    Upload pics to imageshack.us or photobucket.com, post the thumbnail here.
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    Why can't you use preview or iPhoto to resize?
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    How come so few people think to use Graphic Converter, the one that comes with your Mac, in situations like this?
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    Wasn't even aware of Graphic Converter. I'll give it a try. Thanks. BTW, I know that it seems strange to go "back" to a laptop type keyboard but I find that I like the action on this one. No spongyness, nice and crisp feel. I like it. Cheers
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    leaving a powerbook keyboard to use another "powerbook" keyboard seems redundant.

    I have the Matias -- now that's a keyboard.
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    If this is the one you are talking about:

    Leaving an apple keyboard to use another "apple keyboard" seems redundant.
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    technically, not so. I'm leaving a powerbook keyboard for an ext. "Apple" Keyboard. 2 different things, 2 different feels, 2 different sounds.
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    Sorry, I wasn't refering your powerbook. I have an apple pro keyboard and the Matias looks the same.
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    Now that does look nice.

    Could the "feel" be compared to that of the Powerbook 1400c?
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    Tried one of these in a store... best keyboard I've ever used.
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    I looked on there homepage and I think they are only for Mac. However I saw some sites in Japan (google icekey) and I thought I saw it for PC. Fact is I thought I saw a bluetooth version! I'd like to get my hands on that one. BTW, Loving this keyboard...snickety snick. Cheers
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    looks nice but there is no way i could give up my beautiful logitech keyboard. best keyboard ever.
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    I had a logitech elite keyboard and traded it for a newer apple pro keyboard. It just felt nicer and didnt have the windows keys on there either.

    To be honnest, the apple pro keyboard is one of the nicest ive used imo.
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    I'm a recent Mac convert (early summer), and since getting my powerbook, i've been mainly using my BT Logitech Elite keyboard. It's just the "standard" type keyboard but I really can't get away from it. Today I was in my school's Mac lab and for the first time, I actually USED the apple pro keyboard. The keys feel unnatural to me, but I do appreciate the quietness. Another plus with the Apple keyboard is the built in USB ports, but the feel is too different for me. I just wish this Logitech had Apple logos instead of Windows.... :mad:
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    Tactile Pro keyboard

    The only problem with the Tactile Pro is that it's very loud. Has great feel - better than anything I ever used once IBM stopped making the old AT extended keyboard.

    I still use old ABD Apple Extended II keyboards with both my PC and G4 in the office though - the noise of my tapping away on a Tactile Pro would drive my colleagues up the wall!

    Oh, and I've noticed the Tactile's key labels are starting to wear off too.

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