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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jamesjingyi, Mar 3, 2013.

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    So I ordered a MacBook Air 11" off the Apple refurbished store. I have had it for about three weeks now and it seems to have a really weak hinge like the person in this video Do you think I should take it back to the Apple Store and ask for a replacement? Or is this not covered by the refurbished warranty? Is there any way to manually tighten the hinge by taking apart the MacBook and tightening a screw or something?

    Thanks in advance
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    that would drive me nuts. genius bar time
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    The refurb warranty is the same as the original warranty. Take it back let Apple advise you.
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    But do you think that they will accept thismas a real claim or a time waster?
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    You should be able to hold it open ¬ and it should stay open.
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    Is this an issue? I just got myself a new 13" MBA 2012 and when I hold it like in video, and shake it - the lid/screen will fall back to the point where it cannot go further. But when I hold it with the lid open and the screen facing down it does not fall back. Do I need to get the hinge tightened? Though this was normal behaviour?
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    My 11" did that, I assumed it was normal.
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    If you have to shake it for it to move, then it is normal.
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    No I will push the screen back past 100 degrees and it will flop down to around 150 just by the amazing force of gravity :) :apple:

    Fault or just perfection of design so I can open it with one finger but not get the right viewing angle?
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    I've had about 10 of these 11" jobs

    most of them have weak hinges. If it doesn't flop during normal use so what?

    If i move it quickly the screen will move.


    Don't move it quickly.

    Also, I presently have one with a Samsung screen. I do like them better than the LGs.

    So what do you think the odds will be I will get another Samsung if I bring it in and they replace it (they have to replace it) :D
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    Trust me, NOTHING to apple is a time waster!!! I went to apple because HALF of my iPhone power button didn't work because of the way I pressed it, but the other half did. They replaced it without any questions! I always say to myself, apple is a huge company who has so much money. A trade in will cost them absolutely nothing, but what you're paying 1000$ or so is definitely worth a change.
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    I know that Apple customer service is good however I think I may just be being ocd and they will laugh at me :) I don't want that!!
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    so what did you end up doing?
    my air is doing that as well.
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    I could understand if the lid just did this, but the guy in the video is literally holding it upside down. If you have to do that, to cause this issue, its not really an issue.

    Seems to not apply to the OP, however

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