Macbook Air 11.6 or new puppy?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by robeddie, Nov 3, 2010.

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    Tired of seeing all these threads with people asking what computer they should buy, something only they themselves can answer by considering just a few simple things, (speed, hard drive size, lack of dvd drive) - I've decided to go ahead and ask about my own conundrum.

    Macbook Air 11.6 or new puppy?

    Here's my thoughts:

    >The Macbook Air will cost more on the front end, but over time, the puppy will be more expensive. (advantage - Air)

    >The Air would probably have a better resale value than the puppy. (advantage - Air)

    >The Macbook Air is non-upgradeable, while the puppy will grow and change with me. (advantage - puppy)

    >Both choices would give me years of fun and entertainment, but the puppy would probably last longer. (advantage - puppy)

    >If the Air is damaged, a quick trip to the genius bar will likely mean a brand new Air, on the other hand once the puppy is run over by a car, there is no way to replace it exactly. (advantage - Air)

    >With the Air, I can get my jollies surfing for porn on the internet, while my puppy may get his jollies on the rare occasion he decides to hump me or one of my house guests. (advantage - Air)

    >I would love my Air, but I would fall IN LOVE with the puppy. (advantage - puppy)

    So, I'm kind of stuck between the choice. Any suggestions?
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    Best post ever.
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    lol, I hope this is a joke
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    What breed of puppy?
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    I would get the puppy. I love dogs so I guess I am biased, but you'll have a much longer and 'vivid' time with the puppy ;)
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    OP, you'll fall in love with your Air. Trust me.
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    Puppy. No question TBH.
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    I would get the Air then get virtual puppy to load into Air. :D
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    Damn I didn't know dogs were that expensive.

    Says a lot does it…
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    Ha! Great post, robeddie!

    Now, if you're serious, I sincerely feel your anguish.

    If it were me, I'd look at it like this: You can love both the Air and the puppy but only one is gonna love you back.

    Again, if you're serious, keep us posted!

    PS. If it was anything besides a puppy I'd say get the Air.
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    i would like to nominate this as best post of the day.
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    Get the Air. Puppies poop a lot, and they're not as easy to travel with.
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    Easy - get the air brand new, and rescue the puppy. Everyone's happy that way. ;-)
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    Great topic, I think about my great Dane vs my MBA and I know my laptop is cheaper for sure. He eats about 6 cups of food per day, poops about a pound a day and requires maintenance to the tune of 50 to 100 month in shots, flee and tic pills etc...

    Granted he attracts way more women when out at the park than any MBA will ever bring advantage puppy!:D
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    You cant install new software or upgrade the components on a puppy when it gets old :D
  16. Westyfield2, Nov 3, 2010
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    Pedigree cats and dogs both get expensive TBH. Heck here any normal pedigree is £500. Then there's the expensive stuff...

    Obviously I'm not going to post how much we paid for our two cats (A it's personal, and B prices are different here compared with the 'states), but mentions prices for the same breed in the US. And there's more expensive breeds too :eek:.

    Yes a nice shiny Mac could have been bought instead, but if push came to shove and it was the Macs or the Cats staying, it would be the Cats staying every time!
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    Definitely the puppy. It sleeps without you having to close the lid.
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    Can't on a MacBook Air either :p
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    Puppies **** on stuff. Get the Air.
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    Puppy, only for the reason you can train it to attack your friend with an Air. Then you have both.
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    Puppy then train it to retrieve an Air
    For you.
  22. TheAllStar, Nov 3, 2010
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    >Puppy is a stimulating conversation starter with attractive women, whereas Apple product will relegate conversational opportunities to indie hipster Starbucks baristas only. (advantage - puppy)
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    Normally I'd say get the puppy.

    But since you are a Mac fan and you are posting on these forums, you'll be on here bitching in less than 3 days about how much you regret getting the puppy since a better/newer one will be available just around the corner, how much the puppy's eyes don't exactly line up or how much the puppy tends to piddle at times that are inconvenient to your schedule.

    Forum posters here should not own pets. Buy the MBA instead. Same bitching rights, just a lot less wear and tear on a helpless animal.
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    wow! i love this post
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    I'm confused. If you aren't going to say how much you paid, why would you obviously include a link to prices for how much they cost?

    That's the equivalent of saying: Obviously, I'm not going to say how much I spent on my brand new Ultimate 11.6", but mentions prices in the US.

    OP: I am in your exact situation. I just got an 11.6" MacBook Air last week, and yesterday I just adopted an adorable puppy from a rescue. You can have it all!

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