MacBook Air 11" External Monitor "Flicker" and Freeze Issue

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Does your 11" MBA's display flicker or freeze when connected to an external display?

  1. Yes - My 11" MBA flickers and/or freezes on an external display.

  2. No - My 11" MBA does NOT flicker and/or freeze on an external display.

  3. N/A - I haven't noticed as I don't really use an external display with my 11" MBA.

  1. BlackMax, Jan 28, 2011
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    Just came across the Apple Support forum discussion below that someone else posted on MR concerning an issue some 11" MBA owners have experienced with display flicker and freezing when using an external monitor with their 11" MBA.

    This poll is to get an idea of whether this is an isolated issue with just a few 11" MBAs or if it is more widespread.

    Topic : MacBook Air 11" Screen "Flicker" and Freeze
  2. mattydee87, Jan 28, 2011
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    Need to fix your link it's missing part. I think is it
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    I have two external monitors hooked up. No issues at all. How does a modern LCD display connected digitally (HDMI/DVI) 'flicker' anyway?
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  5. BlackMax, Jan 28, 2011
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    Good question, but here is a video someone posted of the issue on the Apple support forums:

    Here is another link I just found on Cult of Mac from January 5, 2011 discussing the issue and possible fixes.

    Hopefully, this is not a widespread issue.
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    Have the Issue with a 13" MBA

    Connected to a Samsung SyncMaster T 240HD, but I tried on a IIyama and had the same problem. I brought it to the Apple store, they kept it for 3 weeks, changed the motherboard but after two days, flickering was back.

    I'm connected with a VGA adapter.
    I'm using Dropbox and TimeMachineBackup.

    I'm thinking of returning it for good...
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    No problem here with a 23"LG screen using DVI.

    Maybe the problem is in the VGA connection, what resolution do you use?
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    Resolutions used

    I tried 1920x1200 and 1600x1200
    To be fair, since they changed the motherboard, it is really rare. but It happens...

    One a side note, when the MBA is connected to the external display, there are a lots of statics in my audio card, an USB Kore Audio Controller. Unplugging the screen make the static go away...

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