MacBook Air: 160GB SSD drives coming

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Apr 3, 2008.

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    That's a pretty significant bump in size there. I guess they'd knock down the smaller SSD in price and put the 160 up at the price you see today. That is wonderful and I assume for all those people who can't live with what they have today, we'll see some really great MB Airs for sale at a hell of a deal when compared to the original buying price.
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    Can't wait to have this in a MacBook Pro! I really want to see what these latest computers will do without being burdened by HDDs.
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    good news for the MBA, but what about prices?
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    I agree. What about price??? No way I'll be paying $1K. Now 80GB SSD should be standard. :)
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    I think we will see significant price drops by the end of the year. Many memory manufacturers are releasing SSD drives in 2008. One I'm really looking forward to is Crucial. They have always made solid memory and have recently announced their line-up of SSD drives to be released sometime in '08. They have also had very competitive pricing as well on their memory, so hopefully they will be priced well in the SSD market too.
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    If they increase storage that much everybody would buy them, they would be shooting out in public like nobodys business. They would be college students main machines.
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    If Apple brings out a MBA with one of these puppies I'm going to be replacing my MacBook 6 months ahead of schedule. :D
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    1) they're SATA, so existing Air users are SOL (like me)
    2) I see nothing that says the SSDs are 5mm height, which I thought was the reason why not all 1.8" drives with the appropriate interface will fit.
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    The Macbook Air is more and more looking like it will be my Macbook replacement in the years to come. The small HD and the cost of it are the main issues now, so let's keep this tech coming!

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