Macbook Air 2gb of ram vs 4gb?? Help!!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Proper84, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Not quite sure which machine to pick at the moment as far as specs go. So just to give you a better idea of what I plan utilizing the computer for I won't being do too much outside of typing papers for school, listening to music, a few mac apps here and there but not professional applications like photoshop or anything. I would like to know would I notice too much of a difference between the 2gb base model air or 4gb? How much would I miss out on with just electing to go with the 2gb model instead of the 4gb of ram? I really want to make the best decision possible here. In addition to music, documents, and using some iLife applications I think I may end up expanding my iTunes library but would that slow down the performance of the computer?
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    If you can, get the 4GB model. You can't upgrade the RAM later on and the extra RAM makes it more future-proof.
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    Get 4GB

    It'll be much better for the future.
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    Okay thanks guys. What is so special about the macbook air ultimate? and where can buy more sd for the future? Just in case I realize I need more than 128
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    OWC sells up to 360GB SSDs for MBAs. There is nothing special about the "ultimate", it's just the best MBA you can get.
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    Here's the issue, due to the "customised" / "proprietary" RAM and the fact that its physically soldered to the mainboard, you cant simply go out pick up more RAM and install it as usual - instead you either choose 2GB in-store or get 4GB, but this will probably be a CTO (custom order) which is custom built for you and shipped from the factory to you. Therefore as I did, your better off going for the 4GB.
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    I disagree.

    1. For your needs 2mb is fine. You won't notice the difference.

    2. There is a HUGE price penalty that you may have to pay to get that extra 2 mb. For example, macconnection sells the the base 11" for $969. However, the 4mb version costs $1100. That's $130 difference for 2mb. Similarly, you pay an extra $150 to get the extra 2mb on the 13" model. Paying over 13% of the computer's total cost to get a mere 2 more mb in memory is foolish IF you won't be using it anyways. I'd set aside that money for a new computer or Applecare rather than pay for "futureproofing" the one now.
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    I disagree with you.

    1. 2mb is never enough, and I'm sure he would notice the difference with 2mb

    2. Peoples usage can change and so their demands on the computer. That extra memory may make the difference between upgrading sooner rather than later. Extra memory will make the machine more desirable when it comes to resale later. Under normal circumstances when memory is user replaceable then getting extra later is a non issue, when the memory on the MBA is non replaceable it's probably wisest to get now, especially when your already considering whether 2gb is enough or should go for 4gb. When that question is already in the back of your mind nagging at you, listen to it.
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    When selling it, the $130 will come back to him.
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    If this was 2009 id say go get a 2GB one but i cant imagine being stuck with only 2GB ram in 2011 and beyond….
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    Have you actually tried a 2mb Air? Because your assumption runs counter to what every actual OWNER reports.

    If you really think that $130 is coming back on resale. . . well good luck with that.
  12. MikePA, Feb 13, 2011
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    No offense, but the answers you've received show why such questions are pointless. People have said "Yes, get the 2 extra gig." while others have said, "No, not worth it." What will you do now, count the answers?

    It's your turn to answer some questions.

    1. How long do you plan on keeping the MBA?
    2. Do you plan on running the same applications, in the same way, or fewer apps for this entire time period?
    3. Do you plan on running more apps or different apps in the future?
    4. Do you want to run them at the same time?
    5. Do these apps use a lot of memory?

    If you answer "Yes" to Question 2, don't get the additional memory.

    If you answer "Yes" to Question 4 and "Yes or I don't know" to Question 5, get the additional memory.
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    4Gb, no question.
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    Some of the $130 will come back to him.
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    I hope you mean 2GB... 2MB Wouldn't even boot :p
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    Get the 4 GB. I don't know why they even bother selling a 2 GB model.
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    I'm perfectly happy with my 2GB.
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    I dont need to. I know 2MB is not going to be enough. PERIOD!

    Well he seemed to miss the sarcasm in my post entirely ;)
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    I highly doubt you will miss out on anything at all.

    I went from a 7200rpm hard disk, 2.2ghz processor and 4gb of Ram in a macbook, to the 11" Air with 'only' 2gb of ram and the macbook air is significantly faster in use.

    (hey, I suppose if I was encoding video or running 2 virtual machines on it, the extra ram would be a necessity, but I'm not, so I got the base model. Will put the money towards a DVD drive or something.)
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    no doubts, go for the 4gb.

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