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Macbook Air Accidental Spill

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by adminez, Sep 24, 2011.

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    I accidentally spilled water on the keyboard of my macbook air, maybe a cup of water?
    I blew dried it, and put rice on it
    the problem is that rice fell into the hinge of the screen and I cant get all of it out.

    What should I do?

    I know the water voids my warranty but should I open it to get all the rice out?
    If I open the case, doesn't it void my warranty?

    I need help, when should I turn it on?
    What parts of the Macbook Air would be non functioning?

    Could you guys tell me what parts I need to open it and clean/dry the parts?

    Thanks, ps: I'm new to this forum.
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    That's too bad. :(

    If the logic board needs to be replaced, that's a $755 repair. Some PC manufacturers design spill-resistant keyboards for notebooks, and reportedly the Toshiba Ultrabook will be one. It would be nice if future MacBook Air models have this feature.
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    I know this of no help to you, however it may save others; I have over time trained myself to keep glasses, cups, mugs as far way as possible from the machine generally at the extreme edge of the desk. I also use risers to lift the Notebook away from harms way, like many I enjoy a "drink" while surfing, I can live with broken glasses & mopping up the mess, a new MBA is far more painful.

    If you dont have the technical skills dont open the MBA it will only create more problems. When you place the Note book in container with dry rice you need to isolate it with kitchen paper etc. Right now the worst thing you an do is turn it on, you need to be 100% sure that the computer is dry. give it seven days in a a warm dry place and hope for the best.
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    I cant take out the battery cause I cant open the back casing
    I cant put more rice cause rice already got stuck inside

    Please help me, I don't know what to do.
    This is my first year in university and I have an computer related assignment due in two weeks :(
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    Calm, rice inside the machine wont stop it working. The university should offer computer support for those that dont have Notebooks.

    The rice thing is a slow process, literary drawing the moisture out of the computer
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    You need a special screwdriver to open the case. That's one weakness with the MacBook Air that makes it susceptible to spills. There is nowhere for the water to go and removing the battery is almost impossible, increasing the likelihood of a short.

    The best thing to do for now may be to try to find another computer to borrow for your assignment, and then take the MacBook Air back to Apple. Ask for a repair estimate (though I can already tell you it will be $755). Was it purchased with an American Express card? If so, then you may be covered for accidental damage if you are within 3 months of purchase.

    For the future, when you get it back, a $25 Moshi or $13 Rearth screen protector may help in the future, but nothing is entirely spill-proof.
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    Just because the MacBook Air requires a pentalobe screwdriver does not make it more susceptible to spills.
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    Similar thing happened to me. Spilled juice on my Air and had no internal damage, but made the keys all sticky and uncomfortable to use. If your Air comes out of this with only external damage, my story might be of some value:

    I went to my nearest Apple Store and explained the situation honestly and without any intention to pull a number on them. The manager let me exchange it right then and there free of charge, despite the fact that I was completely at fault, didn't have Apple Care (though I believe all Macs are covered for non-accidential damage for a year), ordered in online and not in a physical Apple Store location, and was even way past the 14-day return window. All they asked for was the box I got the original computer in (make sure you bring the box and all the accessories, plus your receipt obviously).

    There is no guarantee that you will get the same treatment I did, but just be as honest as possible. Explain that it was your fault and that the result has made your user experience much worse. In the end, that's all Apple wants - for your user experience to be as positive as possible. And that can't happen if you're stuck with a functional, but jacked-looking computer.
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    This reminds me of a time I dropped my iPod touch into a 'pool of water'. You can speculate on what 'pool of water' I might be referring to. Anyhow, it fell in there, and I panicked, naturally. After some frantic pacing and internet searching, I put the iPod into a bag of rice overnight. Everyone said it wouldn't work. To their surprise, and mine, it worked like a charm. It's been 3 years since the dreaded day, and I still have the iPod.

    As for your mba I suggest you follow suit with the rice :cool:.
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    That wasn't the special production run of brown iPod Touches that had custom pieces of corn painted on it was it?
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    It makes it more difficult to get the water out, or to remove the battery before it shorts. Without a spill-resistant screen on top, the water pools on the bottom and causes a short.
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    for me, the outside looks fine
    perfectly normal, its just the interior doesnt work :(
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    Same thing applies, I suppose. Just go to an Apple Store and try your luck. If they won't let you exchange it, try another.

    I did some searching and it seems this person was able to get his exchanged free of charge after spilling water on his MacBook and frying it.

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