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Macbook Air charge times - 8.5hr?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by myuserid08, Mar 31, 2010.

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    Just bought a refurbished macbook air, ran the battery down to 0% and left it overnight.
    Plugged it in this morning - going to take 8.5 hours to charge!

    Is this normal, how can I speed the charge up?
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    What is the battery cycle status? (check System Profiler/Hardware/Power/Battery info). Being a refurb it may be anywhere from zero cycles to 20 or so. Yours sounds like a brand new battery (zero) which means first full charge is always a beard-grower. Same as any rechargeable appliance that uses Li-poymer battery tech really.

    Good news is it should speed up significantly on subsequent charges and peak after around 5-10 cycles at around 2-3 hours to fully charge from discharge status. Trickle charge is different of course.
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    From iStat:
    8 cycles
    97% health
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    Hmmm. Maybe see how it goes over next few charges, perhaps combine trickle charge with full charge. If full charge time doesn't improve, then suggest you speak to the Apple Store about a replacement battery.
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    Whoah, hold on a minute, I think I've read your post wrongly, the tense at least.

    This 8.5 hr charge time hasn't actually yet occurred in real time right? It's just what your indicator is showing after switching to AC charge from a fully depleted battery. Is that correct?

    In which case, I think you'll see that indicated ETA reduce greatly as the battery begins to charge, it should take no more than 2-3 hours as I said. It actually slows right up between 95 and 100%, the last few drops.
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    Its been charging for 3 hours now, 67% charged.

    Says 3 hours until fully charged so 6 hours in total :confused:
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    So it's essentially brand new. It must haven't been used barely at all or it has had its battery replaced before selling it to you. Usually they take a long time to charge for the first few weeks. Ultimately, it will go down to a few hours.
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    Its just taken 9 hours to charge from flat today, think I will be calling apple!
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    Did you read my message right above this one?

    It's perfectly normal for a new MBA. In a few weeks, it will go down to a few hours (usually 2 or 3). But go ahead and call Apple...

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