MacBook Air charger?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by squeeks, Jan 20, 2008.

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    does the macbook air have a regular magsafe power plug or does it charge via software?

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    It charges via magsafe :)
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    Left side connector, facing downward. Standard MagSafe connector, but unless the computer's hanging over the edge of the table, I don't think a standard MB/MBP charger will work too well.
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    wait, hanging downwards? how the heck is that suppose to work?
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    what was with the simley face :confused:
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    It's cause he was makin' a joke.

    I love how those pictures make it look like it has infinite resolution.
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    Ooh! Does the Air's MagSafe looks like it is more robust than the current MacBook(Pro)'s MagSafe? Looks like there is reinforcement on the cable as it enters the connector.

    Too bad the Air's charger is only 45 watts.
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    Does it have usb ports or do you plug things into another Mac and access them wirelessly?
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    LOL it does have 1 usb port in the right ...

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    Yes, just get an air pump and you can re-charge it's air just like your bicycle tire.

    Software of course. Just load up your favorite charging program, and the battery cells will instantly return to full power. :cool:
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    when can i get this upgrade for my mpb?:p
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    Sorry, Apple won't provide that update for the MBP until they've removed all the other useful parts. :cool:
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    Interesting thing about the new Magsafe connector: notice the extra strain relief?

    Would be nice if they did that on OUR magsafe chargers...
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    One thing I've been really confused on and nobody seems to know:

    Does the MacBook Air levitate or do you have to set it down? If you have to set it down, there's no point in buying this thing. Also, I think the power should come to it wirelessly too, there's no need for cords anymore! Just plug a wireless charger into a nearby outlet and the MacBook Air sees it and beings to draw power from it. (The funny thing is, that might not be that far fetched in the future!)
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    That can already be done. Just widely available. But, they do have a way to power light and stuff wirelessly. I just don't remember who it was working on it.
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    It sucks power from any computer nearby with an optical drive.
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    well i thought so... but the rest of the replies were serious and the original poster seemed to reply seriously... :p
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    There aren't any pictures of the brick yet, are they? Is it any smaller than previous Apple power adapters? 45W would suggest probably not, but.... The Apple adapters are CUTE, but once you get into this size class, they are a little bit on the big side.
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    It runs on Apples. Granny Smith, not Golden or Red Delicious of course.
    Just slice them extra thin, like the MBA and feed them one at a time into the optical drive slot. Hey wait a minute...
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    oh i was only asking seriously about the undermounted magsafe plug, i haddent seen that yet

    they really should work on wireless charging though, that would be pretty sweet
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    Yeah, but if you stand between the MBA and the charger, it fries your naughty bits.;)
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    The charging software is very bulky. It's new technology which will shrink over time as it becomes more refined, but for now, its size roughly equals the sum total of the following:

    1 x USB Port
    1 x FW 400 Port
    1 x FW 800 Port
    1 x Audio In Port
    1 x Express/34 Slot
    1 x Ethernet Port
    1 x Modem Port
    2 x Battery Latches

    If you can do without that lot, then you deserve the ability to recharge your battery by running some software, frankly. There must be some compensation... :rolleyes:
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    Oh, and you forgot to mention that it requires you to use a larger and slower PATA hard drive interface instead of the compact SATA which is faster and smaller.

    And, it requires a smaller CPU which naturally is slower, but somehow more power efficient while delivering a shorter battery life.

    Otherwise, I think you about got it :cool:

    Now, if you can do without a monitor, I think you could get the new Apple exclusive palm charger. It absorbs energy from your palm. You just hold it in your hand, and instantly the battery is full of juice... Oh, wait a minute... Dirty mind... Just terrible :eek:

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