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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by findingforever, Jan 28, 2010.

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    I thought with all the talk about release dates bringing up how new products (especially laptops) are released could be of use for some of us. Sorry, I don't have any relevant information but if anyone else had any knowledge of rumored confrences or upcoming stages worthy of an update. With some talk of a redisigned MBA (not saying it's going to happen, but reserving hope) surely a silent update would not do justice. So...

    1. Are there annual confrences that Apple joins, if so what time of the year?
    2. What are the opinions of this board on whether one believes there will be a silent update or a call of confrence.
    3. Apple just had a confrence, would they have another so soon? (If not it seems likely MacBooks will only get minor bumps?)

    I feel this thread may be beating a dead horse for some, but I feel it may be informative for others, so any opinions would be helpful. I've been waiting since my birthday in December and the wait is killing me!
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    1. not anymore

    2. silent

    3. unlikely
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    1. Yes, WWDC in the June/July timeframe.
    2. If it's just a spec bump, it'll be silent, or incorporated into some more substantial event. If it is a major redesign, it will probably get its own event.
    3. Nah.
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    I forgot about the WWDC, but isn't that Apple organised?
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    Macbook Air Upgrade?

    I am glad this thread was posted, I too am waiting for an upgrade to the Macbook air! It would be my first Mac, but I just cant justify paying 1800 for old technology. I hope they do a silent update soon, otherwise I will have to look at the pro. Really like the SSD option, and want to check out the MAC OS and what it has to offer!
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    Thanks for the timely replies Spin and Multi.
    If there is historically a WWDC in June/July, I would assume most would not put it past Apple to wait till then to update the Air??? Especially with the whole graphics debate. I guess if it comes down to it, it would be a major update...hopefully. Lately, I've been so close to pulling the trigger on one of the current versions, even to the point of purchasing one (luckily I did not open it) and returning it. I guess patience is a virtue. Any further convincing to wait would be great!

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