MacBook Air Erase to Factory Settings?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by taptic, Jun 24, 2013.

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    Hey, a friend of mine just got a new MacBook air 13 inch. He forgot all the info he put in to the computer while setting up, so I suggested he erase the computer to factory settings. He said okay, and so I started to do it for him. I followed this video, though I have the newer Haswell battery MacBook Air.

    However, once I get to about 2:13, it starts to act up.

    First it said it would take 9 hours to install the OS. It had a perfect WiFi connection, but I moved it closer to my time-capsule that it was connected to anyway. When moving it, I had closed the lid. WHen I opened it again it said it would be done in 1,500 hours. It then proceeded to go down over the next few minutes to 69 hours. It's been there a while now. Apparently though, it's only supposed to take about 45 minutes!?
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    U got a slow Internet and/or Apple's server is funky.
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    As I said before my internet is fine, so I don't know what was wrong...

    It worked anyway. It still said like 35 hours left and then finished.

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