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Macbook Air Ethernet Dongle Drivers

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by johnlvx, Feb 5, 2008.

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    Has anyone had success getting the dongle to work with Boot Camp? I plugged it in and Vista cannot find the driver. It does not seem to be on the Boot Camp Drivers portion of the OSX install kit either.
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    I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Boot Camp drivers don't include a driver for this new dongle... because the Boot Camp driver set predates the MBA USB Ethernet dongle. How could it include a driver for a product that was not yet released?
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    I'm a bit suprised that its not recognized by Windows a generic USB Ethernet device. Makes me wonder what is inside the dongle.
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    When I get home on the wireless LAN, I will allow Vista to "search online" for a driver. Will report back.
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    Could not get it working under WinXP either. Can't find the driver.
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    I couldn't even get it working on a MB in Leopard, much less Windows.
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    Why would you need it to work on a MB ?
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    The packaging clearly states that it is for the Macbook Air only.
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    Windows and USB Ethernet Adapter

    I have talked to Applecare twice in the past couple of days about the USB Ethernet Adapter not working on the Windows side of the Air, and the need for drivers. They do not have anything available in their system about this problem (hopefully they do now!)

    I am using an old Linksys USB Ethernet adapter on the Windows side and am waiting until drivers are released for the Apple product.

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    ...now do you have drivers to better control the AIR touchpad and to enable the Superdrive (DVD/CD) to work on a USB hub (so we dont have to decide between DVD/CD and ethernet on the single USB port). As to the touchpad, the scrollling is much too fast and sometimes the TP just stops working alltogether and I need to reboot to get my curser control back.

    I love the AIR under Boot Camp, but these three things drive me crazy. Thanks for fixing one of them. Ill try your driver now.

    Ill do a separate post on this, so I dont hijack your thread.

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    The driver works! Thanks

    Am I correct that this is only a 10/100 speed connector? FYI Belkin, Lynksis and a few others make small 10/1000 USB connectors, but this Mac one is better for travel (sleeker).
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    tnkgrl - I couldn't get this to work on Vista x64 obviously. What are the odds that it would work or could be made to work? I am guessing even odds that someone else who OEMs the Linksys USB200M decides they need x64 drivers sometome down the road. With a 18kb .sys file I wouldn't think it would be too hard. I couldn't find anyone who does so today.
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    Big thanks to tnkgrl!

    Drivers worked great under XP 32-bit. Thanks for the hack!
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    Any news on official Ethernet-dongle drivers for vista?
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    you just did =) lol, just posted the Vista 64-bit drivers at http://www.uwnav.com
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    Yes, it's only a 10/100 speed connector....
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    I couldn't get them to work. The drivers are not signed which means you have to disable driver signing in x64. But I still get an error message that "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing (Code 39)

    I am wondering uwnav if maybe you have something already installed that the driver needs.

    Anyone else get this working?
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    The uploaded file on your site is missing the security catalog. If I copy the security catalog (ax88772ex.cat) from the original ASIX folder to the folder you posted it works fine. For the uninitiated you have to select 'have disk'. Windows won't find the driver on its own. Nice work.
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    yeah, i'm a proper idiot.. updated the file, should be good to go now.
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    Any chance of getting the 64-bit Vista version of this driver re-posted?
    uwnav's site seems to be down.

    Or if someone happens to still have it, if you could zip it up and e-mail it to me (aaronkelley at hotmail dot com), I'll host it and post a link here.

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    Have any of you guys tried updating your bootcamp drivers to the newest ones available through Apple (newer than MBA)? I am interested to see if they updated things for the dongle.

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