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macbook air fall help needed..price estimation?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by idanlevy, Dec 16, 2011.

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    so my macbook air 13 dropped to the floor it was really bummer

    iam attaching photos

    ive been in apple store and they said all my warranty is canceled

    they suggested me to send the laptop to lab and after few weeks get price estimation to fix and bring the laptop back to warranty

    do you know how much it should cost to replace it

    i must say everything is working with the air
    in my opinion it is only cosmtics problems...

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    If it is working fine there is no way I would pay (likely) a sizable amount of money to fix. That's a badge of honor, not a problem.
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    Or just get a hardshell cover to hide the damage.
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    can you recommend one?

    also do you know how much it should cost?
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    take your pick - 'speck' have a pretty good reputation.


    all around US$50
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    I'd sand it down smooth and not worry about it.
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    Do NOT get a Speck, bottom case cracks and falls off within weeks. Go for Incase or Carbon.
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    I know it looks major to you, but I'd bet someone sitting next to you wouldn't even notice that.
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    Take it to a Genius Bar and have them test it. Once they do, if they find that the computer itself is working fine, they'll mark your case file and restore your warranty.
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    if it aint broken dont fix it

    i would just cover it up with a macbook air case and be done with it.
    it looks good it works good leave it be.
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    I have nothing but compliments about specks hardshell cases, I've had them on my previous mbp's and currently have a clear one on my MBA no problems thus far.
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    Did it fall of a desk or did you have in a sleeve?
    I've dropped mine twice, both times when it fell off the top of a suitcase at an airport. I brought a thule case from the Apple store (wanted something small but strong and would hold the charger, iPad, MagicMouse and cables). It's not pretty, but it's saved the Air and the iPad inside.
    A sleeve looks great, but most of them don't protect much.

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