Macbook Air for school. 11 vs 13

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by s.horsfield, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. s.horsfield, Dec 13, 2012
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    13".. it has great battery life.. a noticeably larger screen.. 13"...
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    If it's for Safari, iTunes, Mail, Messages & taking lots of notes during school, I'd get an iPad.

    Note taking and stuff like that will be fine on an 11" and when you need to do some serious stuff hook up an external monitor.

    For me, I wanted something that wasn't a compromise and could do everything everywhere hence I went for the 13". The 11" resolution was just to low for what I do which is a pity - the resolution is a 16.9 version of a iPad mini.
    It felt like I was using a netbook, constantly scrolling.

    For some living with the lower resolution and battery life is worth it, but for the sake of a couple of inches (they are the same thickness) you get it all with the 13".
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    If you plan on doing any serious typing steer clear of iPads, personally i'd say 11"
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    I'm not a good typist, so I just dictate to mine :)
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    While I find dictation OK, I find it largely impractical for my life.

    Just need somewhere quiet, and I don't always have that - I wish... :)
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    Thanks for the quick set of replies! On the iPad front: I considered for a couple of months before ultimately scrapping the idea, things are getting close to tablet era for me (as in, I wouldn't need a traditional computer ever again), but sadly for the odd flash site, true multitasking and some apps, I need a laptop (for now). iOS isn't REALLY that developed as of yet for to truly use it as full machine, but come 2015 and i'll likely get one!

    The palm rest is a fine size on the 11' for me, along with the keyboard and trackpad.

    If only Apple could jam a bigger screen into the 11' form factor! I don't think size would be too much of an issue, i'd just use it closer to my face. Vertical height difference I thought would be huge (this is based off a few minutes in the store) but it seemed actually wasn't.

    Hmmm I wonder...
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    if you have a PC/Mac already, then change the screen to something x 768 and live with that for a few days. If it's fine then go 11"
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    If you're buying from Amazon, as you should, the difference in price is less than $200 to go from an 11" to 13". Not only do you get a larger screen, but you get twice the storage. It's really a no brainer to me if you're already spending $950.

    The 11" is more portable, but given the price points it just doesn't make sense. If the 11" was $750, like it should be, there would be more of an argument.
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    13 - more text on screen, longer battery.
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    I don't have an answer for this but if you plan in using it for a few years and selling it to upgrade maybe check around to see whether 11 or 13 tend to sell for a better price compared to purchase price. I assume both would be in demand by different types of people, but maybe the 13 a little more as it does have a larger battery, SD card reader and more useable screen. If you don't care about resale ignore what I said.
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    If you haven't already, check out the link abazigal posted. Very good info there.

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    Get the 11" and try it out for a few days... then you will know what to do. :D
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    The extra battery life can make a significant difference if you have all day classes in a row.
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    I never considered getting the 11" one, I'd always get the 13" Air. I think it has the perfect size and when I go to university it's a no brainer whether I take it with me or not. I don't know how often I went shopping after school carrying it in my bag.

    Also, like said, before the battery lasts longer and I think that's one of the most important things on such a portable device.
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    If weight, size and price isnt a factor then comfort should be what should decide your purchasing decision.

    13-inch is nice.
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    I was thinking about the same, but know I'm happy that I got the 13".

    It's worth it price. 11" is just too small in my opinion.
  19. s.horsfield, Dec 13, 2012
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    Seems (despite my hopes) that the 13' is the way to go. I was hoping to save the $100 and get 8GB of ram but if i'm being true to myself the 13' probably is my best bet

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    personally i went with the 11' because its widescreen
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    I use the 11" Air in school for note taking, browsing, itunes, etc. Never has the battery got lower than 45%. I think it will last 5+ hours straight working a medium load, no problem. If you're taking classes one after another and need a laptop in each and need to work on it for 5-6 hours straight between charges, you pretty much need the 13". I use mine quite a bit like I said. In the end though you just have to add up the pros can cons, check what your gut is telling you can commit. If you make a bad choice, you have 14 days to rectify it.

    Also, the 13" is small, portable and easy to carry but the 11" just disappears inside a bag or purse. I write and I like to have something handy at all times to write on and the 11" can go anywhere and everywhere, and places the 13" might not go as easily. You get used to the screen. If you can use an Ipad, you can use a 11" Air.
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    Although the 16:9 aspect ratio is better movies, isn't the screen a bit small for watching movies? (I only have a 13" MBA, so I haven't used the 11" extensively).
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    Thats what i thought too but the screen really isnt that small imo. I didnt like the rectangular shape of the 13' screen on the air as i prefer wider screens. Also if i wanted the 13' air i think the 13' pro is better and it costs the same. Not the retina MBP of course.
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    I've been using an 11" MBA since late 2010 and I'm not feeling like ever going back to a larger computer. It's just that 11" is big enough for everything I do on my laptop, that is browsing (forums, YouTube, and similar stuff), reading PDFs, listening to music, programming in Netbeans.

    I'd really recommend you to get an 11" MBA, try it out for a week and then keep it or exchange it for a 13" MBA.
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    If you are a student, I wouldn't suggest compromising with the 11". Having to go buy an external monitor, keyboard and mouse seems really annoying. 13" is an all-in-one and like apple, it just works (without peripherals).

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