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MacBook Air HDD

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jman2003, Feb 8, 2008.

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    How much does your have on it? (before installing ANYTHING)
    Mine has a mere 50.44 GB, Anyone think i should bring it in to be replaced?
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    When you say ANYTHING do you also mean the OS? If you are talking about taking it out of the box and not doing anything you have 50+GB then that should be about right. The OS plus iLife should take up about that much. iLife takes up a lot of GB's due to the Garageband loops.
    The HDD should have 74.5GB available, the OS takes up about 9GB and the rest is for installed software such as iLife and any trial software installed.

    If you do not need Garageband then you should do a reformat and install and only choose what you need and remove all the useless languages as they take up lots of space.
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    at the apple stores. they are 74gb, with ilife and stuff, i don't see the 50gb
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    Would just deleting garage band as a whole work?
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    Mine had 50GB free when I got it today. After erasing and re-installing only thing things I needed (no extra languages, only iPhoto and iMovie) plus iWork 06 and a few smaller apps, I now have 57GB free.
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    then why do the ones in the  store have 74gb??
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    it's not so much garage band as it is the loops that come with it. but there is only about three gigs of loops. You got the 64GB version I'm guessing? computers don't run on magic, everything that you have on that computer takes up space, you'll never see 64GB of space, especially since the formatted size is less.
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    You can but as Admanimal mentioned I would just do a reformat and install exactly what you need. There's no way the Apple store's models had 74GB available with all the stuff installed. I think that info is coming from the system profiler or disk utility in regards to the HDD's available space, not free space.

    Reformat and install is best especially for those languages. Garageband has a lot of loops and it's not always as easy to rid of them. Removing the Garageband app does not remove the loops and associated hidden files. Sorry, I didn't ask which HDD you have, is the SSD or the PATA?
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    You were probably looking at the TOTAL drive space rather than the Available space. The TOTAL drive space on my 80GB drive is 74.09GB.
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    Need HDD benchmark data

    We ran QuickBench 4.03 on our MacBook Air with the SSD this week. We need some benchmark data on the 80G HDD.

    If you are willing to run QuickBench on your MacBook Air, please contact me. It does no damage to your drive and leaves no files behind. I can provide the test software at no cost to you. Ideally, I'd like you MacBook Pro to be "fresh" from the factory without a bunch of user files or third party apps added.

    I'll publish the results here compared to the SSD and other popular 2.5" drives from the MacBook and MacBook Pro.

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