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MacBook Air Heat

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jman2003, Feb 10, 2008.

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    Is anyones elses macbook air burning them? Mine sure is, iStat Pro says that it is 110 F. Do you think I should get it replaced? And when Charging, iStat Pro says about 180 F.
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    And the RPM is going CRAZY at 62000 RPM
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    110 F is perfectly acceptable; 180 F is pushing it, however.

    Remember any "laptop" these days isn't really meant to be placed on the lap or any other soft surface, as they rely on airflow around the computer for cooling. If you keep it on a flat surface (like a table) that should reduce your temperatures (and therefore fan speeds) dramatically.
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    i saw that post before i bought it, and didnt remember it so no, i am goign to do it now, Thanks!
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    I got similar issue when watching youtube with MBA.
    CPU goes up to - 70 c
    Fan - 6200 rpm
    CPU use - 35%
    Is that a normal stat?
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    I had an issue with the Fan in my MBA but I just got mine replaced with a new unit. I don't think your problem is normal at all. My defective MBA ran cool but I assume it was due to the fan running at 6200 rpm all the time. The processor never really seemed to break the 65 degree mark though. I would take it back to the store if that is where you purchased it and get it replaced.

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