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Macbook Air i7 8GB RAM - Available in store?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by MattDell, Sep 5, 2012.

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    Apologies for this as a) I'm sure it's been asked before and b) I'd call for an answer if it wasn't so late.

    But if I wanted to walk into an Apple store tomorrow and purchase a MacBook Air with 8GB of RAM and an i7 processor, would I be able to? I'm in the USA for a few days with family so it's cheaper to buy here instead of back in the UK, but I'm not here long enough (anymore) to order online and have it shipped to my parents house.

    It's unfortunate that you can't upgrade the RAM these days!

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    It depends on which store and what they have in stock. Calling the store is the only way to be sure.
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    Yeah, I figured. But there is at least a chance they carry things other than the default configuration?

    One would think they would for the MacBook Air since it's not upgradeable.

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    Yes, some stores do carry some BTO models. There's a chance.
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    I believe they would (13") but it would be the Ultimate with 512GB SSD, and not to mention that it will be over $2000+
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    Do as if you are ordering it online, then select pick up at the store of your choice, hopefully the system is designed to check the local inventory, you haven't committed to anything until u give them your cc and hit the final place order button.
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    Yeah when I bought mine yesterday they had the base model...the one with the 256gb ssd for 1499 and the ultimate i7 512gb ssd and 8gb ram for 2199. Now you are in retina territory. That seems silly.
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    Agh, right... yeah, I wouldn't want the 512GB SSD as it is entirely too much with that option. :(

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