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Macbook Air In Apple Repair For 3 Weeks.

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by boogieman, Jan 7, 2010.

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    I sent in my revb air to apple on Dec 15th. They recieved it and repaired it sent me a email twice that it was on its way back. Called yesterday and they said now that engineering had it because they have never seen a problem like this before. Should this be normal run around I have called several times and not gotten anything. Guy yesterday told me he would call me back within 24 hours and have not heard from him. What should I do?
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    maybe they lost/broke/forgot about it, and are just stalling time, until they find/fix/think up an excuse.
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    Yeah and I would be one irate customer..
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    Inquiring minds

    What was it in for that they had "never seen a problem like this before"? :rolleyes:
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    If engineering has it, I would let them do their thing and document the problem. This would help future users, of course, should this be done on your time? Probably not.

    Did they give you an estimated completion or promise a certain date? If not, there isn't much you can do. You could maybe just ask for a replacement if they cannot commit to a return within a certain time frame.

    I recently sent my Air in for a hinge issue (and damage caused by it) and they turned it around in a day. All of the parts were housing related so it didn't require engineering.

    I would simply call and ask for a replacement, or hell, at 3 weeks maybe even a Rev C for the slow turn around.
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    Isight camera wasnt working. When I would close out a screen or minimize it it would stay ghost like on the screen for up to 10 minutes. Not really there but like it was burnt in. That started right after my isight camera went out.
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    Well, that is quite an interesting failure mode. Hopefully, your prodigal Air will return to you in proper working order.
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    Call 800-MY-APPLE, request to speak with someone in Customer Relations, and firmly request your computer back ASAP. More than a week is bad; more than two weeks is 100% unacceptable. Direct message me if you don't get your computer back within 2-3 days of that phone call.

    Be sure to ask for someone in Customer Relations! If you get Direct Dispatch or someone else, ask to be transferred.
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    Called in just now as you suggested and demanded it be sent back to me or make things right. Well I was told we will call you back within 1 hour to discuss what we can do with replacing it. Low and behold during that 1 hour wait I get a email from apple stating the repair is complete and your air is on its way back. Got a tracking number and all and shows in to be delivered by Tuesday. I personally think they either lost it or fudged it up somehow but if it still is messing up when I get it back then I will be (EDITED) off.

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