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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by vivithemage, Nov 29, 2011.

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    I was planning on getting a BUILT NY sleeve for my MBA 13, and I was wondering if anyone has ever flexed their MBA by putting it in their backpack?

    I have the north face recon, so it has a spot for laptops towards the back, but that kind of bothers me, if I bend a bit, I feel like it could flex/crack the laptop, anyone ever have that happen? Or just not worry about it?
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    I had the same worry myself. I have an older incase sleeve that's thicker than the current one and a Nike SB backpack with a designated padded laptop compartment. Took it to school today and it's fine. I have yet to see if it can handle the bumps and bruises of a whole school year though.
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    Would be curious to know if anyone has run into any issues, I hope not, but you never know.
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    As strong as the MacBooks are ( both pros and airs ) I would seriously not cram in into a full backpack or even semi full backpack. You are just asking for trouble eventually.

    I think it deserves a separate small carrying case/bag of some kind.
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    I use the incase backpack every day to and from work. It's well padded and I love it.
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    I've never carried a computer in a backpack. Seems to me like that's just a bad idea.
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    haha, well - I've been carrying all my portable macs since 12 years in various backpacks - no problems what so ever!
    It's totally doable, offers great ergonomics and your hands are free! so just do it and stop worrying!
    (these macs: PB G3 500 FW/PB G4 12/PB G4 17/MBA 11/MBP 17)
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    Is that a hardcase, or just a neoprene style case?

    I was thinking of just getting e BUILT NY neoprene case, that's all...put it in the little compartment for laptops in my backpack.
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    I use one-half of a Speck case on the display to help keep it from flexing, and I place a clipboard along the underside of the Air in the backpack to add another margin of safety. Definitely don't want to flex the screen or motherboard on these Airs as there are several instances of screen replacements for this reason, especially on the 13".
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    I guess I could just grab the squaretrade warranty to be safe.
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    Glad you haven't had any trouble, but I haven't used a backpack since high school. :)
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    I haven't personally used a car since high school, so bikes & backpacks suits me fine. :)

    (to be able to bend something made of metal with a backpack you would need to strap it on quite hard I guess... it's a total diffrent story with the papercovers for 12" vinylrecords for instance - there you need real protection!)
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    I am going back to university, so I gotta haul it around :).
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    And I haven't had a gun in my locker since I was in the armed forces.
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    I did seven years of University without a backpack. I used a briefcase instead.

    Wrong thread.
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    It's this one.
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    I am not the briefcase type.
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    I took around my Blackbook around campus for 3 years. Nothing bad happened.
  19. littledude8209, Nov 29, 2011
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    I've come to realize that the macbook air is actually quite sturdy/strong. I only got a few scrapes and bruises on mine, but that was only when I actually had it out of the sleeve/backpack. (I actually bent the screen a little bit to the left by kicking it off the bed one night in my sleep, but a case would have prevented that, haha.)

    If you just want to go with a built in sleeve, you should be just fine. Just be nice to it :D

    **edit: I think I actually have the older version of the backpack Mr. Pink has. Pretty nice :)
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    I use a knomo sleeve with a level 8 atlas backpack for my 11" air. I have a crammed full backpack and use it constantly- I have experienced no problems with flexing- though it is a sweet backpack when it comes to protection IMO
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    I take my MBP 15" to school everyday (except have stop this week, bitch weighs a ton) without any issues. A friend of mine had his bag fall of the back of a ute going 80km/h and the bag got stabbed by a steel rod which went straight through his bag, incase sleeve and scratched his MBP. His laptop works fine, screen is fine, he just had to file the side of it so he didn't cut anything.

    In short- apple laptops = strong
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    I carry my 13" MBA in a full bag everyday to Uni. I store it in a cheap neoprene sleeve that cost me £10; absolutely no damage.

    The laptops are pretty well built, you know. Its designed to be a portable laptop, not one that sits on a desk.
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    Nothing bad will happen. I carry my 11" Air in a very full bag to Uni each day, in a sleeve thats designed for a 12" TabletPC (I got it for free with my HP Tablet), and its fine. Its been like this for nearly a year and no harm has been caused to it.
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    It shouldn't be a problem as long as you sleeve the MBA and don't use the backpack as a weapon. I have co-workers who love their backpacks as their tool/laptop schlepping medium.
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    Exactly what I needed to hear, I wont worry about it.

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