Macbook Air + Navigating Photos = Beach Balling?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Rm.237, Jun 27, 2013.

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    Hello all. Just got back from my local Apple Store where I was looking at the new models in the Macbook Air line. I was really just there to look at the size difference between the 11 and 13 inch models. But then something caught my eye. On the base models (which I was actually considering) when I opened iPhoto and went to navigate through the photos in full screen mode I couldn't get past two or three photos without the Air freezing or beach balling. I mean this would not be evident if I navigated really slowly but trying to swipe ten photos down proved to be more than the Air could handle. I thought with an SSD this type of problem would be less evident. My question is where should I put my money to be able to navigate photos lickity split? i7? 8gb Ram? I do plan on doing both Lightroom and eventually Photoshop with the Air. Thanks in advance!
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    I'd say upgrading the SSD - from what I've seen the upgraded ones (256/512GB) are getting significantly faster read/write speeds than the base 128GB one. :)
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    I dont know whether you have seen the thread i started. But i have issues with iphoto in regards to video playback. Where theres streaks or pixles that appear. However when viewing the same clip in vlc its fine.
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    Upgrade to 8GB then 256.
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    See that didn't even occur to me. It was the store associate who suggested getting an i7 to fix the issue. Not trying to make this about him but that was literally what he suggested. So if my issue was what I mentioned the larger SSD should solve the problem as opposed to putting the money to towards the processor or RAM?
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    But I thought it just works...
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    What? Sometimes you need a BTO upgrade for it to "just work".
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    Doesn't iPhoto need some time to build thumbnail libraries? Its possible it was still working in the background while you were trying to scroll through, isn't it?
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    Ok. This may sound unintelligent and i hope someone may be able to she some light. I use a sony camera where the format is avchd. I have read that iphoto is not good with the 1080

    The videos that are choppy seem to be ones that i have taken are
    1920 v 1080

    The ones that are not are
    1280 v720

    Any ideas?

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