MacBook Air: Nice, or Ew?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by mrat93, Jan 13, 2008.


You you like the name "MacBook Air?"

  1. Yes.

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  2. No opinion.

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  3. No.

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    I personally hate the name "MacBook Air." So what's your opinion on the name?
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    Eric Lewis

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    I think it's fine, and has grown on me the past few days.

    Will be strengthened if there's justification in the product spec, i.e. completely wireless.

    If it's just a lightweight MacBook, I would prefer MacBook Nano.
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    I think the name is terrible but if its an amazing product they can call it whatever they want.
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    I'll have to see the thing first it could go either way for me
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    Can you pump it up?

    Sounds like an athletic shoe to me. Maybe I lack vision, but I'd have no use for such a device, but it is cool that apple is capable of such a thing. When solid state gets up to 160G, then I'll pay attention.
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    Well Apple and Nike DO have a good working agreement...
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    I'm afraid it's grown on me over the last couple of days so I don't really mind what it's called as long as it's ultraportable. :D
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    dose anyone remember apple's patent to build cell cards and receivers into the back of a monitor in a laptop to reduce RF interference.
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    I think it's a beautiful name! :) No negative connotations for me, it sounds clean and pure and simple. :cool::apple::D
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    I've heard worse...

    If it's a real product and an actual name, it will grow on us and we'll come to love it.
  12. caj
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    it is nice, but i want to know what is in it. "something is in the AIR"
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    I seem to recall a bunch of complaining when Apple went to the MacBook and MacBook Pro names. But we're all used to it now. I'm not worried.
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    EDIT: ^^^^^^^^^ Yes, exactly ^^^^^^^^^ Pretty much everyone likes MB and MBP now because they are pretty nice machines...

    The name doesn't matter much; it's all about what it can let me do.
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    i'm reserving final judgment until i see a product.
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    Exactly. They can call it MacBook Turd for all I care. If it's a great product, it will sell well.
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    I loathe it. And you may have noticed that it rhymes with VAPORWARE.
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    In what language? If it was the "Mayp or Fair", you might have had something.

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    Might as well call it the "MacBook Crap"

    ...incase you didnt get that, I think the name sucks:rolleyes:
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    yeah i hate it too, and for that reason believe that the rumoured notebook will NOT be called "macbook air"...just doesnt go with the other mac-endings (pro,mini,nano,classic,etc)
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    I don't get it when people use the argument that it doesn't follow existing product naming rules - Apple is about innovation, right?

    It sounds perfectly plausible to me. :)
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    Put me down for eww.
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    Maybe Apple aren't releasing a MacBook Air? Maybe the "There's something in the air" refers to Apple iTunes Rentals and the new sub-notebook will be called MacBook nano. The new updated Mac mini is to be relaunched as a Mac nano just like the iPod mini was. Just a suggestion. ;)
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    Yep at first I thought sounded kind of silly but now I've grown to like it. I could definitly see Apple using the name.

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