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Macbook Air on EBAY

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by iDmitry, Feb 2, 2008.

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    Father Jack

    Very strange indeed, especially as the guy (?) has a feedback score of 284 and 98.6% positive feedback, it's unlikely to be a scam.

    very strange .. :confused:
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    I wonder why he has had no bids! :rolleyes:
  4. jvh
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    I have to pay 1850$US (1.6ghz) at a apple retail store where I live..
    ppl who buys the AIR at US-retail store pay less, and can ship them abroad to more expensive countrys.
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    Because it is ebay and some people are stupid.

    Ever saw an auction end at a higher price than retail, even though there was no shortage of the sale item? We all have.
  6. jvh
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    to correct my previous post:

    macbook air 1.6ghz at my local retail store: 2 760 US$
    and are not to arrive for 2 weeks.

    I would save money and recieve a macbook air earlier if I bought one from ebay at 2000 $US

    If you get my point...
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    That guy must be retarded trying to sell something for more money than it is new in stores. He is also selling what appears to be apple care for $350 on top of that.

    Even if you did buy it from another country, they would charge customs fees when shipping across the border, so you would not really save that much at all.
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    who is saving what for crying out loud? guy has a buy it now price for $4000...
    and he doesn't have it in hand....he says he'll ship it when it comes out (feb 15)

    I'd love to see some sucker buy that for 4K....lolzzz:D
  9. jvh
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    several ways to skip customs and taxes
  10. jvh
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    please send me link (URL) to the auction selling MBA fir 4k. im sure you are mistaking numbers.
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    NEW SEAL MacBook Air 1.6ghz 80gb 2gb SLIM Ultra Prtable

    This seems like a good deal to me.
    Apparently the MacBook Air is just a bonus and what you are really paying for is this:


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