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MacBook Air Purchase Advice

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by mrgossett, Aug 4, 2009.

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    I'm seriously considering buying a refurb Air from the Apple Store this weekend during my state's sales tax holiday. I have wanted one since they were released, but the price has just been more than I wanted to pay until now. My laptop has been a MacBook 2.2 ghz (SantaRosa) for a couple of years. It's been a great little laptop, but I rarely ever use the SuperDrive, and never need more than one USB port at a time. I am definitely a "power user," but my main computer for heavy-duty stuff is my Mac Pro. My laptop is mainly for wireless web surfing in the recliner while watching TV, checking mail, some Pages, PowerPoint, and Keynote work, and a couple of lightweight Windows programs through VMWare Fusion. I do travel occasionally with my laptop, so less weight would be a good thing. What I would like to know from Macbook Air users is this: Will I see a big difference in performance from the MacBook 2.2 that I have now, going to a MacBook Air 1.86 SSD? I've compared all the performance benchmarks that I can find, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of difference, but I would appreciate some real-world experience and advice. I don't want to get it and have buyer's regret. Thanks for any help!
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    Why wouldn't you just get the rev.C refurb w/2.16ghz for $1549?
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    My guess - entirely that, but I used to be an elected official in the States - is that his state's ceiling on tax-free computer purchases is $1500. That's why the Rev B would be the Air of choice.

    And I'm perfectly happy with my B; I'm going to wait for the Rev D (hopefully with a substantial RAM bump and SDD upgrade) before I spring for something newer.
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    Good question- and the answer is that the maximum amount allowed for a computer purchase with no sales tax this weekend is $1500. The 1.86 SSD (Rev.B) model is $1349.
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    For $100 more, you definitely should get the newer 2.13GHz with SSD. Now, at first you may think what will an extra 270 MHz really provide, but the 2GHz barrier definitely has its advantages. Look at some video players, like iTunes even, which state a minimum of 2GHz for HD playback. While the 1.86 will do it, it's easier on the fans and entire system.

    Also figure that you will get these with the 2.13 rev C that you will not get with 1.86/SSD rev B:
    - Improved battery life (I get about 30-45 minutes extra)
    - Improved GPU performance as the 9400m isn't throttled.
    - An extra USB network cable.
    - Better CPU performance.

    Now, it wouldn't be worth upgrading from a rev B to a rev C, but it's definitely worth the $100 more to get the rev C.

    The 9400m is the main reason the MBA is amazing and the SSD makes an incredible difference. Make sure you get a rev B/C with SSD.

    The MBA with SSD will fly compared to your older MB. Prepare to be amazed that the super thin and lightweight MBA is as fast and powerful as it is. Connect it to a 24" ACD and you have the perfect docking station. Also consider an Airport Extreme Base. It will allow you wireless access to drives and printers which makes the experience even more amazing.

    Best wishes.
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    Wouldn't that just require you to pay tax on the amount that is over $1500... Which would be $49 over and about $5 in tax!
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    Macmall has the rev B NEW for 1149.00
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    i'm coming from a 2 years old MBP 17.... to a brand new MBA 2.13 ssd, and i am definitely amazed!.... this thing is fast, light and gorgeous...it runs smootly photoshop, illustrator, keynote... i have it just for one week, so maybe it's too early to judge it... but so far... i love it... best portable i've ever had.

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