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Macbook air RANT - sorry!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by red42, Dec 9, 2009.

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    I got a Macbook air for free.

    • The resolution of the display makes websites too small as standard and I get so much wasted space on the sides. Sure I can keep zooming in on every page I visit, but why should I?
    • Its so hot my legs are cooking.
    • I upgraded just now to Leopard and the fans dont shut up.
    • Its slow, really slow.
    • The edge is sharp, cuts into my arm.
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    you forgot to mention that you are allergic to aluminium and glass... :rolleyes:
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    Yes aluminium is a poison! Bad for health. Google it up mush.:D
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    sell it and get a REAL laptop like a MB or MBP. :D

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    Just please *ucking sell it then. You are too PRO for the Air. Don't come here *itching unless your looking for a solution to your problem.
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    Can you give the specs of your air?
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    lol, wonder why you got it for free?
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    wow...you got a free AIR which is a beautiful machine and you still compliant?!:eek:
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    I'm sorry, I couldn't get past the seventh word. ;):p:D

    You actually put a laptop on your lap???? :eek: Wow, I hope you aren't planning on having kids one day (sterility city, sweetheart!; male or female, I thought it's something we don't do any more).

    I have no idea if you can return it and get a 15" MBP, but I'd sure love a free new MacBook, even if it was the white MacBook!

    I'd go w/ the "don't look a gifthorse..." analogy. ;)
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    They all come with Leopard or Snow Leopard. Do you mean upgraded to Snow Leopard?
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    As pretty as it is, its useless for most forum members I tried 3 times to love it went back to a macbook and I will never go back.
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    My MBA works beautifully. First Gen, SSD. Can you be more specific? Free?
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    Some really sinister turds about that send bad replies and then edit them so that the moderators can't act upon when they are reported. Sad really.

    And yes the MBA is crap. I was trying and failing to watch a movie last night on it, it just heated up so much, the fans went mental. Totally crap experience and a flawed design. The only think thats half decent is the keyboard. Thats it.
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    Sinister...? Interesting. I don't know why you're complaining about a computer you didn't earn.

    As I said, the MBA I earned is a great machine--so long as I don't treat it like my primary machine.
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    I put my macbook on my lap. No problem, the fans are at the back, and they blow hot air away from my legs.

    OP: Sounds like either you have been given a pile o rubbish MBA, or the MBA isn't for you. It certainly isn't for me, not having a CD drive sucks. Go treat yourself to a MB or MBP and this thread will have a fairy tale ending.

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