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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Christopher387A, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Christopher387A, Nov 13, 2011
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    I was on my 13" MBA and put it down on the table to watch TV. Picked it up an hour later and opened it up and my screen was like this! It wasn't like this when I put it up, and touching the screen only made it worse. Is my LCD cracked or what can it be? I've restarted my computer twice already in desperation that it would fix it with no luck. :( If my LCD is cracked, is this covered under warranty? I just got the computer in July. :(

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    Um... your display has been smashed... what did you actually do to it?

    There is little to no chance this would be covered by warranty. I've seen many displays that look like that... all of them were dropped.
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    That's what I was afraid of, and I honestly didn't do anything to it, which is why I was/am confused. The only thing I can think of is I pick the computer up in the center of the screen (closed obviously) and must have pressed too hard on it?

    Anyone know how much I'm looking at to get this replaced? :(
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    Not sure how much it would cost to fix, but if you have the skill to do it yourself check and do a search for a store called Screens USA they have replacement displays for most notebooks.
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    why don't u bring it to apple store and let them look at it and get it replaced
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    Picking it up from the center of the screen is never good, always pick it up from the bottom. If you are semi good with your hands you should be fine replacing the screen
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    Screen looks like it was under internal stress from on over tightened screw in the bezel, I would not say it was your fault!
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    Better bring it to Apple, let them have a look at it.
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    Just got off the phone with Apple support (closest Apple store is 2 hours away) and he had me restart the laptop using safe mode and clearing the PRAM, which obviously didn't do anything. He said as long as there is no physical damage, they should replace the screen. Haven't heard that one before and everything I read on here says it's never covered. I have no damage whatsoever (not even a scratch) on the laptop, but am curious as to what they will do. Does anyone think they will, or have experience, with them replacing it for free or is he just confused? I have a killer deal on a MBP close by that I don't want to pass up on if it's going to cost me like $600 to fix this screen when I can just buy that and sell this for parts and come out even.
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    Ah you kidding? You can see where the screen is smashed, it looks like broken glass. While I sympathise with the TC, there is no way this could happen just by "picking the notebook up".
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    It sounds reasonable. However I'm not sure if the current condition of your screen qualifies as physical damage. Can you feel a crack on the screen somewhere.

    If they tell you that it's not covered, you can still choose not to repair it and buy that MBP.
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    No I'm not I know the glass is broke but inspecting that picture the glass broke at the bezel upwards, all this would require is a stiff hinge or a internal pressure from a screw then when the screen is pivotted upwards in the normal way the stress gives and cracks the display!

    I imagine the display had some flex with the thinness of the air remember this isn't iPhone 4 glass it's about as thick as cheap picture frame glass.
  13. Christopher387A, Nov 15, 2011
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    Risc, I have no problem admitting fault for damaging a computer if it were my fault - I am an adult and bought it. But the computer was not hit in any way. I live alone and short of me having an epileptic fit and passing out on it, it didn't get hit. ;)

    Just to clarify, the glass/screen (since it's not actually glass I don't believe) is not physically cracked anywhere on the screen. I used the computer last night and the portion of the screen that was working in the picture above now is covered in vertical lines.

    Edit: By cracked, I mean to where I can feel or see a crack. It may very well be cracked underneath the glass as stated below.
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    That screen is cracked looking at the picture, some LCD panels have a laminated antiglare hard coat film over the glass so the glass breaks underneath it.

    ether it's been pressed from the back or like I said had some internal stress like a screw or not seated correctly during construction something will give and your case it was the screen it won't take much if it's sitting wrongly!
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    The LCD panel is most definitely cracked.

    Do you have any pets?

    I'd call AppleCare again and ask them to ensure that they documented the expectations they set with you, that if there is no physical damage that can be seen, the repair should be covered. Ask for a case number.

    My advice is to make the trip to the store. Schedule an appointment first at

    Show up 10-15 minutes early, be on time.

    Be honest and polite to the genius who helps you. show him or her that there's no damage to the machine and its cosmetically good overall, and state you have absolutely no idea how this could have happened.
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    I have a 5lb dog, but again, the computer was nowhere that he could have gotten to it. I have an appointment set up at the Apple store as soon as they open Saturday morning. We will see how it goes. I think I will take your recommendation and call Applecare again and see if I can get it documented and a case number.
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    Good idea I reckon. If you get a nice Genius they may save your bacon. When I saw that picture I was like, "wow! he doesn't know what happened...!!!?"
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    Take it in to the apple store immediately if not sooner and explain carefully what you think might have happened. Since you are clear that you do not believe that you cracked it yourself explain that also carefully and slowly.

    Good luck!
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    I agree with the explain carefully and slowly. Demonstrate there's no damage to the unit anywhere, no dents, or dings that could correlate to the crack.

    I know you stated the dog couldn't have gotten to it, but I think my money's still on the dog unless it was locked away in a separate area of your place.

    best of luck.
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    I ended up selling the computer for parts and will use the money to purchase a new one. Figured I could sell this one and use the money and get a new one and be in the same boat as spending $600 to get a screen fixed on my 2010 model.

    Now to get another MBA or go to an MBP... :p

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