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MacBook Air Screen Replacment

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jakesaunders27, Jul 27, 2013.

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    Just knocked my iPad off a table and its dented the outside of my macbook (side with apple logo on) and obviously this has messed up the screen, I'm in the UK, how much is it to have a screen/whole screen assembly replaced?

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    hi, you didnt state what macbook air it was, but i have looked this up for you


    seems like its gonna be £200 for parts and then fitting.....
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    yeah sorry its a 2012 11 inch MBA and thanks for link but its getting repaired on insurance

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    Yesterday i replaced the screen on a 13" 2010 model (complete assembly) myself and only the display assembly was around 300 euro's and i took me a good hour and a half to replace it. I thank my guys/girls at ifixit for their excellent guide on replacing the assembly.
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    Can i ask you, what insurance do you have, i was going to get the Apple Care but that does not cover for theft or accidents...i have a brand new Macbook air 2013, so maybe a good insurance company would be the way forward.

    I am guessing this was your view also?
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    sorry for the late reply! It was just my home insurance, although be aware that laptops aren't always covered in home insurance we pay extra cus of the amount of apple we have! Its estimated to get back on the 21st August which isnt bad either!

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    Air 2012 screen replaced and cost £420 all in, this is going on last years price. The screen and top case is all one part on the Apple system. Apple keep the old part and replace with a new one. Not to start the big screen debate it is still pot luck the LG and Samsung part numbers come under the same code so you can't choose.

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