MacBook Air Sleeves/Cases?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by clayj, Jan 16, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    I know no one will actually have an MBA (not such a good acronym) for a few weeks, but I am curious if anyone is aware of any sleeves or cases for the MBA, so that it can be carried around in a backpack without any chance of getting scratched or marred. Booq makes some very nice sleeves for MacBooks and MBPs, but nothing on their site yet for MBAs.

    If you have any info about MBA sleeves/cases, please post it here!
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    Yeah, just buy a padded manila envelope.
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    I am considering doing that.
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    It would certainly work in the stealth dept...but then you might just get poor souls with normal manila envelops mugged at random instead
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    Well, if putting iPods in socks (or even hollowed out Zunes) works as a theft deterrent (or a thief radar blocker), I'm sure a manila envelope would work as well. Who would ever suspect a manila envelope, anyway? As long as you don't write "TOP SECRET" on it...
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    i am doing that. its the best idea ever. and it will have the sting thing on it and im going to find a secret documents stamp to put on it haha. i will have the most styling envelope ever
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    Same form factor as the MacBook. So I'd buy one of these.
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    ya but since thats for the mb the mba will move around alot and it would defeat the purpose
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    Yeah, I am hoping for some sort of thin but tough form-fitting case, just enough to keep scratches and light rain away from the MBA.
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    SF Bags is shipping their SleeveCases for MBA on January 25th. I have some of their stuff, including the sleeve, and it is greatttt.
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    I'd buy this..

    Even it does look like there's no case on the unit .. :D :cool:

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