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Macbook Air Storage Problem, Help

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by imjoee, Aug 12, 2013.

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    I recently got my 2013 13" 128GB SSD Macbook Air last week and i noticed that my storage has been eating up quickly. I checked in on the disk utility and it states that 15GB is used in "Other" how can i delete this "OTHER." Or at least know what exactly is the "OTHER" storage.

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    Isn't this "other" referring to the OS? You never really get the full capacity of any hard drive because the operating system and related bloat ware always take up space. A 500GB-1TB portable external hard drive should do the trick
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    Get DaisyDisk (in Mac App store) or similar software to better figure out what's hogging your space.

    Other similar utilities are:
    • JDiskReport
    • Disk Inventory X
    • DiskWave
    • GrandPerspective
    • WhatSize
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    It could be, it is taking up about 15GB. I screenshotted the storage to see if it is going to increase, if not then a good chance it could be the OS.


    Thanks, i will look into these apps.
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    Other = Dark Matter. :D
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