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MacBook Air Store Status Update

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ahaxton, Jan 31, 2008.

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    Have bad news here. Got the call from the store (twice now they've called me with updates, such great service), he told me the shipment is arriving tomorrow, but late in the day. It seems like all the shipments will be arriving sometime late tomorrow when it comes to stores on the East Coast. He rescheduled my appointment for Saturday first thing am. I am guessing places like New York might put them up for sale at night. Thought everyone would like to hear about the phone call I got since they are so nice and open about info.

    I am in Atlanta by the way.
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    NC MacGuy

    That is great service! I've dropped more than 30k at my local hmm, hmm Durham NC store and they still act like they're doing me a favor by talking to me period, let alone with any real info. Some good, some bad I guess. I've since taken my business to the newest one 20 miles away who seem to care.
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    Wow that sucks. Out of all the stores in Atlanta, this one seems to be the best when it comes to service. It's great how you can get all the info when so many stores don't even want to comment on the shipment.
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    NC MacGuy

    It's stores like yours that get repeat buyers. I've had to stand around my old Durham store for 45 minutes before anyone even talked to me to buy 6 ibook g4's a few years back. Then they kiss up but the bad service is remembered.

    Good luck on nailing an Air soon!!
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    Wow. Well I can't wait to get it. I'm crossing my fingers for SSD in the shipment. Who knows though, might be so limited that you might only be able to pick it up in Cali and New York for retail launch. They told me that they know the shipment will be coming in late tomorrow with units, but they aren't aware yet as to which models will be in the first shipment. Since it is Atlanta, I'm hoping they'll deem us worthy lol.
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    I spoke to someone from the Apple Store in the Short Hills mall in NJ. She told me that they already have MacBook Airs in stock and will begin selling them when they open the store.
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    Yeah I figured some closer to New York would get theirs in stock sooner than the Southeast. For us the shipment doesn't come in till late tomorrow. So they rescheduled me for Saturday am.
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    If I were you I'd give the store a call first thing in the morning. Apple is very strict on product launches and satisfying demand, I wouldn't be surprised if your MacBook Air isn't in stock tomorrow. I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya.
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    I will, but they've always been real accurate with their information. It's definitely possible that when the shipment arrives tomorrow sometime during the day they'll put them out for sale even if only for the evening.
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    NC MacGuy

    You got that right! I'll be stalking my NC stores tomorrow hoping to get one. At least I can play with one and see if the ssd is what I really want - the $$$'s are making it hard to justify since I'll need superdrive, usb to firewire dongle and ethernet to usb dongle....
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    I am hoping the Midwest (Chicago) stores got their shipment today because Mother nature is throwing a huge snow party right now and through most of tomorrow:eek:
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    NC MacGuy

    Biggest reason I'm in NC!!!
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    Which Chicago stores are you using. I'm out in Crystal lake and wondering if I should try Deer Park or Woodfield.
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    Deer Park was the only store that would say "anyday". Michigan Ave and Old Orchard were the usual pretending to be clueless.

    I just wish Apple could do a better job with new launches! Although they did give a specific time for the iphone.

    If I hear/see anything first thing tomorrow I will post it here.:)
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    Tell me about it... I have to snowblow tomorrow. :eek:
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    Ya, i am up here in Wilmette, I have been calling the Apple Store at Old Orchard and on michigan ave. Old orchard says that they dont know, every time i call them. And a funny story about the apple store on michigan ave, so i was in there over the weekend and i ask one of the employees "Do you know when the MacBook Air will be in stock?" and he says "O, it is all a hoax, the MBA is evrywhere, it IS the air." obviosly he is just kidding. But after that he said within a week from today (last sunday)
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    I made a couple of personal shopping appointments tomorrow. One at 9am Northbrook and another later in the day at Deerpark. My hope is to walk out of Northbroook at 9:15 with a MBA. I will make a post with any info I find.:)
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    Thanks! I hope to be able to get out there later in the morning. I think I'll try Deer park first as it is less busy, then try Woodfield if necessary. I want a 1.8/SSD and that might be asking too much this early.:D
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    Oh shoot!!!!! GUYS !!!!! I might be getting one of a few MBA's only at one of our Atlanta stores that came in tonight (stressed limited quantities for the shipment that just arrived tonight). I have had the best luck with Apple lately lol.
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    Good for you!! Did they mention if all stores got them in? How many did they get in Atlanta?
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    I got a hold of an after hours employee! crazy! He said fortunately they are the first to get them in Atlanta and just a handful to sell, so was talking about reserving me one!
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    NC MacGuy

    I think I'd be there when they open. I could bet it's first come, first served. Good luck to you, hope you score one!
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    You're probably right, don't want them giving away mine.
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    Well sucks,

    Unfortunately after hours employee was probably giving me the real news, but assistant called and was told just a display unit was in. One thing to note, the rep had to go ask someone. I bet that was about protocol....
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    NC MacGuy

    I can guarantee you there are units available for sale but can't be. I'm not sure exactly what the magic day/hour/minute is before they get the okay from the mothership to sell. This is of course used to hype up pre-ordering for future products. On the down side, if the units received by pre-orders start to show some flaws it'll undoubtedly change some minds of buyers wanting to walk in and pick one up now before flaws are well know.

    Oh, well - good luck. Maybe we'll be able to get one Monday.

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