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MAcbook Air trackpad

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by deepakvrao, Nov 23, 2011.

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    Hi Guys,

    Just got my Air. First time Mac user, so am a total newbie.

    The trackpad clicks near the bottom of the pad, but it also accepts taps anywhere on the pad. I know that tapping anywhere on the pad should work, but should a trackpad also physically click? Is that normal?
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    Perfectly normal.
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    Haha yes of course my friend, it is made to click for those users who prefer such physical satisfaction. Go to system preferences -> Trackpad -> and then customize the Trackpad to function to your tastes & preferences.
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    It's Supposed To

    No problem, you will get used to the gestures, right click etc. over time. I have a 13" bought in August I love it....Use it more than my iPad now.
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    Thanks guys.

    So many strange things coming from a PC [not this but in the OS]. Hope I love it as all Mac guys say I would.
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    Being a windowsPC user my whole life the transition was certainly daunting. With a sense of wonder and a willingness to change, I found myself quite comfortable with Apple - all in one month's time.
    No pressure, just play around and see for yourself. Start by learning to do those things you occupied yourself with most on Windows, be it Word processing or music management.
    Work your way from there and I can say with assurance there will be comparatively less stress in your life.
    CTRL - Alt - Delete is history!
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    The entire trackpad is supposed to click because it replaces the two buttons you see on a Windows laptop. But the click is easiest in the bottom 2/3 of the trackpad.
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    The big issue I seem to be having is that because the first Mac I had worked in a manner acceptable to me, straight out of the box, I've never really learned any of the more nuanced Mac stuff over the last three years (see my silly Time Machine oddity thread from last night). Still, as they say, once you go Mac....
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    No. It doesn't click on the very top. Which is normal since it has to be attached somewhere.
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    Oh, you definitely will. I'd say a large amount of those posting are ex long term Windows users who never went back. When I first used Mac I found it "different" to say the least - not better, not worse just different. Now I'm realising it's advantages with UI design, efficiency, less clicks, super high quality applications straight out of the box, a very stable OS, simple networking and so on and so forth. Add to that all the little things like an excellent keyboard, a high quality, innovative trackpad, beautiful screens which make the overall experience so much better.
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    Not to hijack the thread...

    I have been using a Magic Trackpad, which I love, since the day it shipped under both SL and Lion. I use the Double Tap to Drag gesture a ton. I just noticed, in playing with the Air, that you cannot use that gesture. You have to use this Three Finger to Drag gesture, which also works on the Magic Track Pad. I'm bummed. Is there a Control Panel add-on to modify this injustice?
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    Trackpad preferences

    The trackpad on my MBA works exactly the same as my Magic Trackpad. Check your settings in System preferences.
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    You will get used to it, and then you will love it. The gestures become natural and save loads of time.
    Hate using windows now, and I have to at work every day 
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    Agree. The gestures on the Macs are simply amazing. They make everything so much easier and faster in my opinion.

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