MacBook Air tried all resets still won't turn on

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by bradlfc, Jan 21, 2013.

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    I can't get ny mac air on it was working perfect last night , shut it down turned it off and then I tried to turn it on the next day it wouldnt work?
    I've tried the pram reset and the smc reset still nothing?
    I've left the mac fully charge still nothing?

    My air is the a1370 11"
    Any suggestions.?
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    If you can't get anything on the screen, then taking in to Apple is your only course of action....I'm guessing this is the case?
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    Too expensive to go to apple no matter what the problem , my mac can't of died over night for no reason there must be an explanation
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    Power supply / Logic Board are just two possibilities and yes, they can die like that. If the Mac is out of warranty etc.your best bet is to find somebody close by who can take it apart and diagnose the issue. MBA's are not user friendly when it comes to teardown, so a diagnose from Apple would still be best....If you take it into a store they can at least tell you what is wrong.
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    How old is it? You should have one year warranty for hardware problems (and this sounds like one), if it's within that period you should get it exchanged for free.
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    Leading questions:
    Is your power brick connected? Is the indicator light green or orange?
    Does the led (front edge) react when you press the power button? How?
    Does it make any sound or beeps?

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    Out of warranty early 2011 model


    Is connected , no beeps or sounds no signs on the LCD , and it was orange but left it in all day now its green presumed its fully charged
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    Too bad, I guess you need to go to an Apple store / apple reseller and have it looked at. You can always try calling Apple and explain the problem - I know people that have gotten 2-3 year old computers exchanged because of hardware failure even though any warranty is long gone - I guess you need to be lucky and talk to someone that feels generous :p
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    Sounds like a power surge burnt out your logic board. Power surges can be a bitch, thats why I never have plugged in to a mains without surge protection.

    I could be wrong if apple have built in an anti surge in their chargers.
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    Uh, if it was a surge so massive as to kill the notebook, the power brick CERTAINLY wouldn't be functional, man

    Look, OP, take it up to Apple. No one has some magic "computer wont turn on" magic bullet, and you really haven't given us any unique information to work with. Worst case is they tell you the repair is more than a new one.


    Also dude, really? Two threads? You admitted to spilling a friggin drink on it in the other one. What exactly are you expecting us to conjure up to fix failure due to very real screw ups?
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    The problem with these types of threads is that there isn't enough information to even make an educated guess at the problem, let alone deduce which one of many possibilities actually ails your Mac.

    Why does it matter that your Mac is out of warranty? Apple geniuses will usually take a look and run tests for free, and sometimes will even take it in for a tech to work on free of charge. Certainly, if it does cost money to fix (ie fried logic board), you can always decline and find someone else to do it. There's no reason not to take it to Apple to ask them to check it out. It's certainly better than asking us -- without access to the computer and the vaguest of symptoms (no boot), it's impossible for us to tell you what's wrong.


    Wait, so the OP damaged it? @OP, see, here's the other problem with threads like this. Did it develop symptoms/other problems earlier, or did it actually just die as described? We definitely can't help you if the actual issues aren't even as described.

    If there is a liquid spill and the DC-in/battery is working normally, then it could just be the keyboard itself, as it wouldn't be able to recognize the power button or any key combination to reset PRAM, etc. This is a perfect example of what I described in the above post -- being holistic, accurate, and honest is the most useful thing when you need help. If I didn't know about the liquid spill, I'd say 100% chance you needed a logic board replacement.

    EDIT: I didn't realize this was your other thread -- so the intrigue continues, as do the inconsistencies. Does the charger turn green or not? Is your battery working? Are you just trolling us?
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    You did spill something on it in your other post. Then you changed the keyboard. Hardly no reason.
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    Lance Armstrong, is tha u? :rolleyes:
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    i started a new thread because no one was giving me a straight answer? yes the keyboard was changed but nothing is wrong with the key board and everything was working , no one could answer why people where just saying because the keyboard was changed this is the problem but it is not , no liquid was spilt on the logic board , the laptop is on now so please explain why it turns on sometimes and not other times it cant be the logic board as it works sometimes and when its on it works perfectly?


    yes , yes it is
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    Since it's currently working it's a mystery to me.
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    Iam having this same problem I have gone as far as buying a new power cord. And changing the power supply. Still the same thing it'll turn on once in awhile but completely random. I have even taking out the internal battery to make sure that wasnt the problem and still will only power up randomly. If anyone has any suggestions what this could be please let me know. I am pretty computer savvy but this 1 has me stumped. I am also too thinking it could be the keyboards power button . Is there anyway to test this to be sure does anyone know of ? Thanks
  17. jthrash85, Sep 25, 2013
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    Same thing happened to my 2012 MacBook Air. No accidents prior to this, no signs of virus or any operational problems just great performing machine. Was using it last night, shut it down like every night to let it rest. Started it up this morning, had it running fine for a minute or so, then boom screen was off.

    I was so confused before I realized the whole computer was off, not just the screen. I tried on the PRAM and SMC resets and nothing. Very very confusing because it was working beautifully up until this sudden moment. I always connect through a voltage regulator just in case. Also I always leave my MBair tipped up so air can pass underneath and not overheat. No problems with battery charge either. Im religious about taking care of this thing.

    My battery is charged up to green as well but cant get any response otherwise. When I stick my ear close and hit power key I hear a very faint sputter of something but nothing happens. I have a multi-usb hub that when given power from computer lights a mini LED light up. When i plug this in, the LED blinks every 5 seconds very rhythmically. Which is odd, because if the computer was entirely off this led light is completely off and if the computer is on it stays on. So my guess is the blinking bit on multi-usb hub means something, just not sure.

    Worse thing yet, im out of the country and not close to a Apple store for another three months. Im stuck!
  18. DisplacedMic, Sep 25, 2013
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    one doesn't preclude the other. there may very well be an explanation that can't be answered anywhere but at an Apple Store or somewhere with someone who can look at it.

    It's a machine, machines fail- it could be a logic board issue.
    a1370 is the 2010?

    does the light come on when you charge it? does anything happen when you push the bower button?

    EDIT - wait, i just read the thread. you spilled a drink on it? come on dude. take it to the apple store or a professional repair service.

    (at least apple will look at it and tell you what's wrong for free)

    who did the repair for you to change out the keyboard?
    if there's no physical damage then my guess would be a loose wire - that would explain why it works sometimes.

    Double edit: i just noticed the time-stamp on the OP.
    got to start checking those things...
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    This happened to my 2012 machine tonight. I was using it and it was fine. the app folder suddenly kept crashing every time i tried to open it. it would just close. so i said ok ill just reboot. it reboot i heard the chime then the screen was on and i got an endless spinning thing. so i reboot again this time the screen turned on for a second then the screen went black. not sure if it was still on or it shut off. tried smc reset and pram reset and it did nothing.

    I just went into recovery and doing a reinstall. the screen is coming on but not the keyboard light and it keeps failing the reinstall. this sucks......i didnt do anything or install anything. i dont know what happened.

    im typing this from my windows machine.
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    The exact same things happened on my 2012 MacBook Air. The top case had been replaced previously due to liquid spillage, and I had been using it happily for 2 weeks. Yesterday, After using it normally, I closed the lid and slept. Next morning when I started it, it got stuck in apple logo and spinning wheel. Rebooted, now it turns off after the chime. Tried it with and without the MagSafe.

    I suspect of a corrosion inside. The machine won't let past the diagnostics. This is my guess. The repair would probably involve replacing the mobo which will be friggin expensive.
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    yea repairs are expensive. I had apple do a hardware test at the apple store. they have a far more extensive test there that is not available to the public. the ssd drive was dead. so the ssd drive died after 1 year and 1 month use. it was toshiba ssd with sandforce.
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    My macbook air 2012 model suddenly won't power up
    I stay in nigeria and I'm so sad
    I used it ystdy nyt n I shut it down
    Wen I plugged in the charger,it showed green
    Bt won't power up
    Apple store not in nigeria what do I do
    Av tried all d tricks,d control shift bla bla bla
    Stil nothing
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    Mine bricked after I downloaded and installed the recent SMC 1.9 update. Tried everything I could with no luck. I eventually had to take it to the Apple Store and they did a manual SMC reset. Took 5 minutes. They basically take the back off, disconnect the battery, and press the power button. After this everything is working fine...
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    This is your best shot.

    1) Order a 5 point pentalobe screw driver from ebay ($5).
    2) Open the back panel of the your laptop.
    3) Disconnect the battery connector
    4) Plug the power connector to the laptop and press the power button.

    If it turned on then it's a good chance that the battery is the issue.
    If it didn't turn on. Then get a new laptop.
    Good Luck
    Ps. This solution has worked for me.
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    Macbook Air tried all resets still won't turn on.

    There may be a fault in the power connection/logic board where the circuit traces that join the individual components break developing hairline fractures. Temperature changes cause expansion or contraction making the fracture act as an "off/on" switch. Also the surface mounted components may have a fractured connection.

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