Macbook Air vs. Just leaked Thinkpad x300

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by NYCMacFan, Jan 26, 2008.

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    Okay, I just saw the leaked specs on the Lenovo Thinkpad x300. I was kind of shocked at how much the X300 outclasses the Macbook Air (lighter, faster, smaller footprint, optical drive, lots of ports, removable battery, also SSD and only a smidgen thicker).

    I am really depressed to see just how inferior the mac turns out to be. Consolation - the Lenovo is as ugly as ever.

    Here is a link or two

    Here are the specs:
    * Display: 13.3" widescreen WXGA+ (1440 x 900) display, LED backlit
    * Processor Chipset: Intel Santa Rosa 2.0GHz LV
    * Storage: 64GB SSD
    * Wireless: Bluetooth, 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wireless USB, WWAN, WiMax, GPS
    * Optical Drive: Ultrathin DVD Burner (7mm)
    * Memory: up to 4G
    * Dimensions: 12.5 in (width) 9 in (depth) x 0.73 in - 0.92 in (thickness)
    * Ports: 3 USB ports, Mic in, Headphone out, VGA Adapter, built-in web camera, stereo speakers
    * Input: ThinkPad keyboard with TrackPoint, touchpad
    * Battery: 3-cell Lithium-Polymer

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    If I were in the market, I'd get the Lenovo, no question.
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    I may be the only one in the world that thinks this...but I think that Levono is sexy looking. :p
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    Hmm, non existent lenovo with no price lol.
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    I've used stinkpads for years, since I switched nothing IBM or whoever puts out will ever make me buy another one.

    Didn't like em when I was forced to use one, they don't even show up on my radar of systems I'd even consider buying.
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    :eek: This is the first time Ive ever seen anyone talk bad about thinkpads. Usually everyone is glowing about them. Iam curious what was wrong with them that you didnt like?
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    Can the blue "enter" key be changed to black?
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    I might be wrong but I am gonna say no its not. Every thinkpad I've ever seen has that blue enter button on it.
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    If anyone hasn't figured it out yet the MacBook Pro has better specs than the MacBook Air also..

    This X300 will cost $2500-$3500 and compete with the new MacBook Pro.

    MacBook Air is not meant to compete with this type of laptop.
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    Well you're the only one I know in history that thinks so. I pretty much think the Thinkpads are the best notebooks out there. Incredibly sturdy and reliable and quite well rounded. More money than most others but thats fine.

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    :eek:Are you saying that little thinkpad is packing as powerful parts in it as a MBP has!? I dont believe it.:eek:
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    ha ha

    That is one ugly laptop!! I'll take a Macbook Air please!:)
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    No I'm saying Comparing a MBA to either the upcoming new MBP or the X300 isn't fair because they're in two different classes.

    That Lenovo will be expensive.A lot more than $1799.
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    21% to 456% thicker, which is just a "tad" more than a "smidgen".

    Footprint does look a bit smaller, though. I'll give it that much... :)
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    This means that Apple will definately have to up the ante with it's second version of the Macbook Air.
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    Certainly a very interesting machine. I disagree that this is the competitor to the MBP. Because the MBP is twice the weight of this thing.

    Unless the new MBP went on a serious diet.

    I think Thinkpads are great. I would consider holding off on my MBA order to look at this, but at the end of the day I still prefer Leopard to any of the Linux distributions out there right now.
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    I may be the minority here, but I would still risk it here and say that Thinkpads have been one of the flawless machines that I have used. The software may be a different story, but the hardware itself has proved itself to be very reliable over time.

    Given a choice between the Thinkpad and MBA, I would jump on the Thinkpad.
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    just looking at the trackpad on the x300 turns me off. However i do like the specs, especially that "7mm" dvd burner
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    Agreed! While the Thinkpad has never been as sexy as any Apple notebook, I have found this to be rock-solid pieces of hardware. If I could get OS X running legally and natively on this [X60 ultraportable], I wouldn't be going to an MBA!
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    I run Ubuntu on my X60s and have been very happy with it.

    (I don't do the nasty)

    It is a very portable machine and, with the 8-cell battery, you get a TON of battery life out of it.
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    I don't know if you're in the minority. I've had three thinkpads. Two were rock solid. One didn't work out as well. But overall, I think they're really designed and built well. And I actually like the way they look and I like the keyboards and screens. The old 600X I had years ago was one of best computers I've ever owned, running Linux.

    But for me OS X is a big advantage for the Macbook line versus the Thinkpad line.
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    According to Gizmodo, the weight is up to 3.17 lbs. Which, I believe, puts it heavier than the MPA?

    Guess we'll have to see what the final specs really are. Pretty hard to believe it contains more hardware, is thicker, but yet ends up lighter (without going to very exotic materials).

    No matter what, the aesthetics of the MPA make it hard to directly compare. I think I speak for others in saying the design itself is a feature. So, even if they do have the same specs and price, the MPA would have more value to many customers.
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    My latest Lenovo Thinkpad has been nothing but a headache. My previous thinkpad of IBM origin is still one of my favorite machines.

    The worst part about my lemon Lenovo is how incredibly poor the support has been. Returned without being repaired, incorrect parts sent, numerous lost service calls, wrong addresses when shipped back etc etc. While a lemon can happen, it's how they support it that matters and here they've failed miserably. It's the last Thinkpad I'll buy, and really hope my new MBP is able to replace it.

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    Yeah I have the 8 cell battery and it still leaves the machine incredibly light with enough battery life to watch a few movies and browse the net wirelessly for abit.
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    Welll... at least they used to be. Went through 2 Thinkpads already, both were plagued with either build quality issues or just general problems.. By contrast, earlier IBM-branded Thinkpads that I've seen have been extremely solid even after many years of use.

    However, this x300, if it comes exactly as promised, sure looks to be sweet and I'd probably spring for one over an MBA, if I were looking for a small laptop and assuming the price was reasonable.

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