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Macbook air w/Projector

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by wrinkster22, Oct 17, 2011.

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    Quick question, can the macbook air power a projector and its own display?
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    Yep, no problem :) Just be sure to get the right display adapter.
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    Thanks! This is great because when I do presentations I like how I will be able to see what is being shown without turning around to look at the display. :) I will buy the mini display to via port soon! :D
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    Here's a tip. Powerpoint and Keynote both have a feature called Presentation mode. It puts your slides on the projector/secondary display and shows on the laptop screen the current slide, the next one, and any slide notes that you typed in. Helps for planning transitions better.

    Edit: HERE are Powerpoint's instructions to do this, and HERE are Keynote's.
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    Just to be clear, the Macbook Air will not supply power to a projector (unless it is powered by USB), but it can supply the same image simultaneously to both the projector and the built-in LCD.
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    thats what I mean.
    I meant like the graphics.

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