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macbook air with 4g

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Acorn, Sep 21, 2012.

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    does anyone know why apple does not offer the 11 inch mac air with 4g. it would be extremely useful to me to have that as an option.

    it seems like its the one thing the mac air is missing.
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    Probably the same reason they never offered 3G even though it would be incredibly useful and other ultraportables have had it for years.
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    They should. The cellular carriers would love more new accounts.
  4. 3bs
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    I already have unlimited data on my phone and it includes tethering (15gb then you get throttled) but I wouldn't mind this addition.
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    That's just it. Current iPad owners who want data access must purchase a second data package from the carrier, they won't let you use one data package for all your devices, it would be nice! If company paying for it, count your blessings.
  6. 3bs
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    I wouldn't mind paying for another data package either especially if it's LTE!

    No I pay for it myself but it costs €20 ($26) for free 3 to 3 calls and texts to any networks plus unlimited data so it's a pretty good deal. The internet isn't as fast as the other networks but it's unlimited so..

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