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MacBook Air with TB Display

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by drsox, Nov 12, 2011.

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    Just got my shiny new MBA 13in ! Magnificent.

    I'm looking at getting a TB Display to go with it, but I see that the two cables from the TB Display will have to fit into opposite sides of the MBA ! Does anyone have real world experience of whether they actually DO fit on a 13in MBA ? i.e. long enough ?

    If not then I'll have to use the MBA power lead AND the TB Display TB cable. Poor choice !
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    Same setup I have and it does work. Not too elegant, not sure why Apple put connectors on opposite sides if the MBA but it works with the T.B display just fine
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    Thanks. Glad to hear it.

    I guess it was designed for the Pro version. The MBA must have some internal routing constraints.
    Maybe the next MBA and MBP will have the same layout of ports.

    TB Display for Xmas HO !
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    I have this set up--really no different than 2010 MBA and ACD, just one less cable since you dont have to connect USB separately. It is a bit odd having the connectors on opposite sides, but works just fine. No noticeable difference from ACD, just a little less clutter and a couple of more available ports. Not sure that it is worth it over ACD.
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    Apple shows it on their website setup with a MBA
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    I concur with the posters above. Awkward having the ports on opposite sides, but it works. I have the 11" Air so it is a bit easier.

    The TBD makes my Air hum though. She sure has to work to power that beautifully massive display.

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