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MacBook Fall 2009 Speculation

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by sherwinzadeh, Jul 5, 2009.

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    After the 13" MacBook got promoted to the Pro line, and the MacBook line itself looking pretty week with just one model, I think we're going to see a whole new line of MacBooks this fall. I thought it would be fun to throw around some speculation on what Apple might do.

    I think Apple will reposition MacBook as the answer to the "Netbook" phenomenom. It will NOT be a Netbook but it will be priced low enough ($799) so people would have at least some choice in the Apple world.

    * 12" Screen
    * NO Optical drive. External option.
    * Built-in battery
    * Same Core 2 Duo and nVidea graphics
    * SD Card Slot. (I think they'll ship software on SD)
    * NO Firewire
    * Yes on all other specs like Wifi, Bluetooth, iSight
    * White plastic, but redesigned

    Would love to hear your thoughts on how Apple will "redefine" the Macbook line like it just did the Macbook Pro line.


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    Seriously doubt fall will produce any new notebook models.
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    I think you may be right. Awful lot of rumors about a netbook coming out.
    And I still think some sort of cheaper iphone will emerge too.
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    ya they just got updated, idk if theres going to be any upgrading.
    maybe like larger hdd/slightly fater processer if anything.
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    He has a good point about this fall, but I do think your speculation of an $800 model might come true...

    I'm thinking near the end of 09 or 1st quarter of 2010.

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    the white mac book will either the only one upgraded, or it will be discontinued. with the aluminum MBP line just becoming the MacBook Line.
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    You think that Apple, having just rebranded the 13" MacBook to MacBook Pro, is going to move it back to being a MacBook?
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    not immediately, but i think thats a long term thing. like next year.
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    If they will go this route…I think these specs are not far from what would happen. They might go with CULV if they want lower power, and I'm sure the case will be thinner.
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    An update this November seems very likely. Save 2008, the MacBook has always been updated in May and November. This year seems like it will be a regular given the last update to the MacBook was in May. What will we see? Well...

    The white MacBook style is going to get offed. Styles on Apple computers normally only last for 3 years, the white MacBook style is going into four (three years and three months to be exact). It's time for it to get going.

    Anyway, so when Apple throws out the MB, what's going to happen? Many people say that will simply be the end of the MacBook Pro line. Everything else will be called a MacBook, which seems to make sense. However, that leaves one problem: what to do with the MacBook Air? Drop that too because it doesn't fit into a single line? The everything in one group idea calls for dropping way too much and may actually hurt Apple's sales.

    I see the MacBook being replaced by a tablet. Something about 80% the size of a 13" MB screen (just because I'm looking at one right now) that runs OS X in a touch like interface. Sell it for $700-$800 and it will be a hit. So that would change the line to tablets, ultra-portables, and notebooks from consumer/pro. Not a bad trade off.
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    I do think a new whitebook is on its way. Not a super spec bump obviously, but a cosmetic one, thats still plastic but maybe unibody style. The upper case one part just like the aluminum one, and the bottom cover another. This could reduce the palm rest cracking by a lot margin.

    No built in battery for this one, as it would cannibalize the "pro" feature of long lasting battery. Maybe an SD slot.

    Keep the specs the same, no worries there. And count me in :D
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    Apple seems to be just updating the White MacBook whenever they wish and not necessarily announcing these updates.
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    Jan for sure:)
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    Nothing will happen other than maybe a cheap, "me too" netbook. I think their prices have hit rock bottom on the macbook/pro line and won't get any lower.

    With Windows 7 due out Apple will continue to focus on the OS long after snow leopard.
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    Shake 'n' Bake

    1. Sure, and throw in a 14'' as well. Woah, deja vu.

    2. No likely. Many people still use those.

    3. Likely to increase the price and anger many, but will extend battery life.

    4. Sounds good; Apple always likes to stay a year behind.

    5. Pretty likely, but software will not be on an SD card as long as the SD slot uses a USB interface, it will be one of the slowest things you've ever experienced.

    6. Maybe for rev. a, but it will come back as long as we've got target disk mode. Or they'll add a bunch of USB ports and modify TDM.

    7. Nope. It'll have 802.11y, USB 3.0, whatever the next BT is, 5 MP iSight.

    8. How can you redesign it?
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    Well I think there has to be a low-end Laptop like the Mac Mini is the low-end desktop. New Macbooks maybe around $600-$800, maybe redesign, tablet, etc.
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    I would love to see a re design for the white macbook or maybe colors.
    I am selling my New MBP and getting a cheap ibook till Jan;)
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    The MacBook should be priced at $599, $799, & $999 with the right features of course. Start with 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo with 2 (maybe 1) GB DDR3 with integrated graphic of some kind and that starts the beginning of the end for Microsoft. :cool:
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    Can someone draw me a case redesign. Seriously, what is that going to look like.
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    Maybe Apple should just make Macbooks yellow so there is no more discoloring ;)
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    Tallest Skil

    1. Nope.
    2. MacBook Air.
    3. Already have that.
    4. Nope, Arrandale.
    6. Nope.
    7. Yes.
    8. Nope.
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    Shake 'n' Bake

    I agree with all your points, but the MB doesn't have a built-in battery. Maybe you meant the MBP?
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    Now THAT would be nice. :)

    $599 will be the killer price.

    But i don´t think that´s gonna happen.
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    Incorrect, The white MacBook got its design from the iBook G4 which got its design from the 2nd gen iBook G3 which was introduced in 2001. So that's 8 years.
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    Sun Baked

    Probably join the education iMac at the 899 price point.

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