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MacBook Features and Photos

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, May 17, 2006.

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    As people have had time to absorb the information about the new Apple MacBook released yesterday, there are some photo gallerys as well as some observations about the newest Apple laptop.

    Todd Benjamin, Apple's director of portables worldwide product marketing provided some comments on the new laptop. He explains "The performance improvement in these systems over the preceeding [G4] systems is dramatic".

    He describes the new "glossy" screens:

    However, not everyone seems happy with the glossy screens as there have been some complaints.

    Macworld provides a "first look" at the new MacBook. Of interest, they provide a size comparison photo comparing the 12" PowerBook to the new 13.3" MacBook.

    The MacBook internals have been designed to give users relatively easy access to the MacBook's memory slots as well as a user replaceable hard drive.

    Multiple photo galleries have already appeared featuring the new laptop: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Meanwhile, Kodawarisan has already posted disassembly photos of the new MacBook.
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    MacBook Video capabilities

    I see that the MB uses integrated video instead of a dedicated video card. Any idea how much of a performance lag I should expect to see when I get mine this summer?
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    I think it's a fine machine - excellent value for money. Can't wait to get one of my own.
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    User replaceable hard drive? Awesome...this is really really nice! I agree with the integrated video decision. It lets Apple make a cheap laptop designed for casual computer users who don't need the extra power. I'm liking this thing and will be ordering one for the wife shortly.
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    Wow, the black MacBook doesn't even look like a Mac anymore...to me it does look like an IBM. The user replaceable hard drive sounds like a great idea to make your laptop last even longer now.
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    1 and 2 are essentially the same. Why list both?
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    "Meanwhile, Kodawarisan has already posted disassembly photos of the new MacBook."
    I just dont get it whay would you take apart such a pretty thing...

    Dangit i had my heart set on the 17 and then paiting it jet black, but these new mac are so pretty. I think they have the "Come Buy Me" shade of black...:rolleyes:
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    Access to the memory slots by flipping the notebook rather than opening the keyboard is a better. Also I like that you can upgrade the hard drive very easily compared to the MBP. I would get the most stripped down MB and upgrade it myself. Plus you can have a almost dedicated drive for Windows and a separate for OSX. Or if you have to send your book for repairs, you can swap out the drive with another so they don't format your drive or have access to your data. Too bad games will suffer on this model.

    I like the glossy screen too. I never had a problem with the mirror effect that people complain about. I guess my lighting was just right. I like that we have a choice with the pro laptops now.
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    The MacBooks are so full of features... will they cannibalise MacBook Pro sales? :confused:
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    I've read some places saying that replacing the HD even on this user-friendly Macbook invalidates your warranty. Can anyone here confirm either way?
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    Core Trio

    I really dont see this becoming too much of an issue, while the MB is full-featured, there are just somethings on the MBP that alot of people want/need and are willing to pay more to get (ie dedicated graphics, expresscard34, FW800, etc.)
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    i don't game and i was contemplating a mac mini core duo as "media center". but the macbooks are a great value so i might go for a macbook instead. that can serve as media center and also helps me with the intel transition. i don't really want or need a rev.A powermac now. i plan on a powermac next year. meanwhile the macbook could give me a nice speed boost over my G4 powerbook.

    all in all a great notebook that will make most users happy. only gamers are left behind (again).
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    In the dock, what application is to the right of Quicktime? Is that Front Row?
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    even more reason for a subnote...

    The comparison with the 12" makes it even more obvious that they need to come out with a subnote. With USB ports who really needs a built-in optical drive? Especially if you consider the fact that a high-quality notebook has a lifespan of at least 3 years and we have competing high-density optical standards coming out right now.
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    I like my screen a lot.:confused:
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    I think they look absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to try out that new keyboard either. Apple always seem to excel in the laptop keyboard department.

    And much love to the 12" powerbook. Looks like it'll reign as the smallest and lightest Apple laptop for a while yet......RIP :(.
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    I always thought that the glossy screens were better...? Why are people now saying that they arent better?

    Also, that keyboard looks awesome :). Infact, the whole thing is designed very well. The plastic looks semi-scratch resistent - a nice addition.
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    Core Trio

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    I think it's more concerns with the reflective nature of the screens. Some consider them unacceptable when in a moderate-high light situation.

    edit: beaten by speedy-pants ^^^^
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    to me the keyboard doesn't look as nice, but someone will have to actually try it out and compare.

    and as for the glossy screen, i can definitely attest to how the matte versions dufuse sunlight like crazy and make it unusable, while with glossy screens i can imagine that all you'd have to do is reposition yourself so that the glare doesn't go to you eyes and you'd be set. it's took me a little bit to get used to the idea, but after thinking through it a bit the glossyness of the screen isn't such a bad thing.
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    No. If it's a user serviceable part, then the end user may do whatever one wishes about such part. Even before, one was allowed to let certified personnel have the drive replaced, so there's nothing magical about the factory installed hard drive. It's a common spare part, nothing more.
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    HHHhhmmmm, that jeyboard looks familiar?


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    I tend to agree with you somewhat, but it looks as if it would function better (ie. not as much stuff getting caught underneath). I think it looks kinda weird only because it is 'different'.

    Depending on the feedback and popularity of this keyboard design...I wonder if the Macbook Pro's will adopt this new design in near-future revisions?
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    wheres the best place to get ram for this????

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