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Macbook Games (What I've tried)

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Virtualball, Jun 18, 2006.

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    Hey, I know people have been wanting to know about games on a macbook, and I have seen threads with games already being talked about bu heres my list:



    Counterstrike Source runs well
    Half Life runs well (I actually got 95 fps!)
    Sim City 4 Deluxe runs well
    The Sims and Sims 2 run well
    Half Life 2 runs choppy
    Battlefield 2 runs well
    Age of Mythology and Age of Empires 2 runs well


    Halo runs well (full screen, highest settings, a little choppy here and there)

    Thats all the games I played so far, if anyone wants requests.

    I Plan On Testing:

    The Simpsons Hit and Run
    Civilization 3 (Mac)

    BTW I have the $1099 model. And all I can say is that games on the MacBook actually run very wel, much better then I expected. Oh and first post! :)
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    Star Wars Galaxies?

    How about testing Star Wars Galaxies :)
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    Probalbly because of standard ram, try lower your settings...
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    unreal tournament 2004 runs like CRAP in OS X (yes i have the UB) even on the lowest settings it is still very choppy

    just thought i'd add that one to the list
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    If I have the 2Ghz MB, with 2GB of RAM, is DOOM3 playable at all?
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    Odd. The UT2k4 UB runs just fine on my Macbook 1.83/2GB Ram setup. Very acceptable performance (25-48 FPS) with most settings near medium at a decent resolution.
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    jup definatly, seen videos of it running on just 512 mb and it was already good... just to give you an idea more ram = more performance :D
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    Ok, so I should try Star Wars Galaxies?

    Oh and I tried Civ 3 for Mac OS X and it runs great! I tried Quake 3 and it didnt run in Windows (something with the drivers) and Wolfenstein in Mac was great too. And lastly, Need for Speed Underground ran smoothe too.

    Illpost back when I get the info :)
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Halflife at 95 frames:D Thats very funny. I aint going to touch it.:D
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    I read that the standard MacBook is very RAM-dependant. Upgrading from the stock 512 to 2GB can double your FPS readouts in many games.
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    how does WoW run? What resolution are most of your games being tested on? Oh and please say what setting s you run WoW with textures please :D
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    Nice review of your gaming experience on your MacBook so far. And welcome to MR Virtualball. :)
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    Seconded! Interested in WoW ... on the Windows side of things :)
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    No problem... but i insist u get hl2 ep1 as well.. as it runs GREAT!!!

    video is on topic with the oblivion post... check those out...
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    it runs like crap on my 2ghz macbook with 512 ram,
    the only maps i can run without about 2fps are fy-maps and very very simple maps,
    all stock maps are practically unrunable,
    and I could not start the game unless i am running directx 7.0 in the startup options even though i have supposedly 9.0c
    i have no idea why but cs 1.6 runs great, ,HL 2 runs very very good, minus the freezeing every autosave

    basically i need help
    anyone who can help me get this **** running right,
    aim= doridorigabe
    hit it up
  17. MRU


    There's your answer. 512 for gaming on Macbook is a joke.
    Remember XP can use upto 224mb for the gpu, leaving you very little ram.

    You really need 2gb paired with the macbook, to give the gpu a decent boost (paired ran gives an extra 15% boost) and plenty left over for system . That's it. That's your answer......
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    People need to get in the habit of being a bit more specific than "runs well."
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    WoW runs better than I expected. However, none of the shader options are enabled. Is this because the Intel graphics don't support those options?
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    WoW runs ok
    Simpsons hit and Run runs Great
    Every Sim game Ive played runs great (SimCity 4, Sims 2, Sims, SimTheme Park, etc.)

    Also, the reason Im testing on a 512 MB RAM is because there ARE perople out there who cant exactly afford the $500 upgrade, me being one of them :p. I mean, before I baught the computer, there was very little threads on gaming on 512 mb. And suprisingly, it isn't half bad!:rolleyes:

    I tried to get Star Wars Galaxies but my friend lost his copy, so wait for a few days and I might be able to get it.
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    I use it. It's totally great.
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    Upgrading doesn't cost $500, I went to 2 gig for about $250. 1 gig would probably be plenty for most games, and would be even less.

    If any of these run poorly, try them with more ram. I wouldn't try running anything with 512, on any of the intel macs, it cripples the machine.
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    Okay, can someone advise, a macbook 2GHz with 2GB RAM...what will this run.

    I mean, i wanted to play Battlefields 2 on Windows (Bootcamp) or quake 3/doom3 would these games run smoothly? I am specially interested in CoD2, has anyone tried this with a 2GHz, 2GB RAM macbook??

    I am worried because of the 64mb vram...

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    WoW runs just fine. I have all of the default settings and it works fantasticly. :D
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    I really appreciate the effort!:)

    I'd only play SW:Galaxies and Guild Wars via bootcamp anyway...:)


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