Macbook Glitching?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by mvaj92, Apr 15, 2008.

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    Hi, just got a macbook on April 6th, and ive been noticing gltching when trying to play world of warcraft. It shows colored lines and boxes in random places each time i play, and the screen flickers occasionally.

    On another note, the Bar at the very top of the screen, (the name escapes me), was moved about 1 inch to the right, along with everything else with it. It wouldn't correct itself until i restarted the computer. Thought these two problems might be related.

    Does anyone have any ideas that might help? any help is appreciated.

    PIC- [​IMG]
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    I'd say it was probably because the of the shared graphics in the MacBook. The MacBook wasn't really designed as a gaming machine. It gets its graphics memory from the main RAM rather than having an independent graphics card (which the MacBook Pro has). If you bought the lowest end MacBook (with 1GB RAM) then you really should bump it up to 2GB (preferably 4GB). Warcraft should play better with higher RAM. But ultimately, if you wanted a gaming machine, you should have gone for a MacBook Pro.
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    I dont know, ive heard of people being able to run it w/o problems. It's not a game that takes a lot of requirements to run, or at least i think. I also thought heat may be an issue...

    I looked at iStat while running, it said that CPU A was running at 81 Degrees, with the fan spinning at 4000 rpm.
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    Anyone have any ideas?
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    Make sure your graphics settings are turned down as low as they can go. Make sure you uncheck all of the buttons at the bottom of the graphics windows (ie, glow effect, death effect, etc) With everything turned down as low as it can go you should be running the game fine. Which MacBook do you have?
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    I dont think turning down the settings helped, and my comp is a 2.0 ghz w/ 1 gb of ram
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    EDIT- added a picture, hope it helps.
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    I don't play the game myself, but it seems to me that a sophisticated game like that would really benefit from maxing out your RAM. I'd do that first thing and then see how it runs. RAM is so cheap now that using the maximum is not that costly. Let us know if that helps you out.

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    Then it's because you only have 1GB of RAM, as others have said the MacBook isn't really a gaming machine, I can run WoW no problem with the 2GB RAM. Just make sure all your settings and resolution are down to the lowest settings, plus try playing in windowed mode.

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