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Macbook Magsafe connector burns up

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by albeik, Mar 15, 2006.

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    Yeah, that's pretty intense.

    Here's to hoping that it never happens to me!
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    Great... can I smell a recall?

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    Wow... that's scary! :eek: I sure hope Apple calls a recall on this.
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    Eep. I hope that doesn't happen to my baby.

    *Hugs MBP*
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    WOW..... I wonder what apple said
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    I think his cat peed on it.
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    something has definately been spilt on it, you can tell from the stains on the back of the plug/cable. it's shorted out somewhat..
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    Why? 1,000s of these have been shipped and this is the only one with a reported problem. No reason to do a recall for such a small percentage. Maybe that will change in the future. You should be hoping that it isn't really a problem and no recall will be needed.
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    something was probably spilt on it, or something caused it to short.....we dont know the details. i dont think that it will be case for a recall unless we hear of a similar incident......

    if it turns out there is a flaw in the design, well, it serves all y' all right for buying dirty dirty intel rubbish!!! (hugs PowerBook and it's hideous, ugly, out of date, so yesterday, not to be seen in the light of day, regular plug-mechanism, dont put that thing in front of me, i want it out of the house or i leave now, primitive powercord)


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    The give away is that the guy cleaned it.

    Why would he have cleaned it, if something hadn't been spilt on it?

    And who in their right mind would let their cat sleep on their MBP?

    I think some male kitty cat got possessive over the MBP ...

    ... and sprayed.

    Interesting to see how Apple deals with it, though. I'd be very surprised if it was a product defect.
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    Would just spilling something cause it to short?
    It should be DC rather than AC, so how exactly could it short? I'm definitely not an electrician, but I guess if the spilled liquid carried a current, that shouldn't cause it to short?

    Should it?
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    Some people just shouldn't be allowed to touch things...
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    Yes, it would short. DC shorts much worse than Ac though, because DC is a constant current, while AC is alternating. There are usually no sparks with DC, just intense, instant heat. Uhhh, my dad is an electrician.:cool:
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    I stand corrected.
    Thanks for informing me :cool:
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    Hey, albeik, it was your magsafe that the cat peed on, right? Let us know.
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    I agree. Look at all of the rust deposits in the first pic around the base of the cord. This does not happen front electrical shorting alone. Because of the nature in which the plug rusted so quickly, I think this is due to the acidity of the urine. Well spotted. ;)
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    MacRumors turn's CSI ! i love it. :D
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    I agree. Cat pee.
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    lol! it is not mine... (I'll stick with my G4 powerbook for now)
    Just wanted to share something I found.

    I hope it IS cat pee! lol!
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    While this is pretty scary:eek: , I think the other posters may be onto something regarding the possibility of a spill having occured. It sure does look like it has been discolored in a weird (read: not fire-like) way. I hope for all the new MBP owners that this was an isolated user-error case and not a product defect. :(
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    Everyone keeps calling it rust. Plastic doesn't rust. Only iron rusts (rust is iron oxide, it's what you get when iron oxidizes. Most metals (to my knowledge) oxidize as well. Anodized aluminum has a thicker than normal layer of aluminum oxide, which also forms whenever aluminum is exposed to oxygen)). Anyways, I also suspect a short, either from a spill (or a possessive male cat ;)) or from a manufacturing fault (a design fault probably would have shown up sooner).
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    Well couldn't the metal inside rust and leave deposits outside the unsealed plastic casing of the plug? ;)
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    Dude, you should have seen it when those "iPod Video" pictures came out a couple weeks ago!
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    no, because nothing can rust except iron. other metals can and do oxidize, but as rust is a special name for the more well known oxidation of iron specifically, iron can be the only metal that will rust, and i'm pretty sure those connectors aren't made of iron ;)

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