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Macbook media center.....

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by CrAkD, May 10, 2010.

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    So I was thinking about saving up for a mini to replace my appletv. Howeve I have a MacBook core duo 2ghz with 2gb of ram just laying around. I know the g4 mini isn't worth it cause no remote and underpowered. The MacBook accepts remote and has a bit more horsepower. Was thinking of updating the hard drive to a 7200rpm drive. If i did would this be doable?

    I just bought the minidvi to VGA adapter gonna hook it up tonight I think. Anything I'm missing here?
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    That macbook has a GMA950. It MIGHT be ok for a mediacenter. Just something to play around with, it'll be fine. The 802.11g also limits you unless you plan on having it wired. I wouldn't suggest it as a permanent solution, but if you want to use it until you save up enough for a 9400m Mini, then it will work.
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    My ent center is all wired so that's not an issue. I was wondering how the graphics are on the MacBook? Decent enough for a mame emulator for old arcade games?
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    it should be fine for a media center.
    depends on your content. it may have a bit of it if its all Blu-ray rip quality but i havent noticed much issues with various mac-based computers as entertainment setups.
    I had a PowerMac G5 as one for a while that worked fine, used a MacBook late2008 unibody that was perfect and i currently use my 13" MBP mid-09 as one.

    I havent had any issues with playback or functionality. up the ram to as much as it can support and you should be fine as those macbooks i imagine have integrated graphics and dont have much vram to use from.

    the plus side of having a macbook or macbookpro media center set up is its easier to fit into the set up, and you also have a portable media center too which is what i use mine for. (dock it at home to the entertainment setup and take it with me on the go).
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    The only problem with that setup would be the VGA adaptor - any with HDCP protection won't play. This will be a problem mostly if you have HD videos from the iTunes store.
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    i probably wont play anything HD. Ive yet to play anything HD on my apple tv. I have a netflix subscription so I get most of my hd content from blurays from them or fios.
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    I haven't hooked it to the tv yet but I got mame working paired with 2 wireless ps3 controllers. Works great! was playing mortal kombat and killer instinct last night! Lol I wanna try and pickup a new hard drive this weekend and get that in before hooking it to the tv.
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    I have a 2007 Mac Mini 2Ghz C2D with the same Intel GMA 950 running Plex and it works really well as htpc. 720 and 1080 content plays fine. I think it's running a little hot, but I just put it to sleep when not in use.

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