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Macbook Pictures

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by joshwest, May 16, 2006.

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    I know alot of people went out today and purchased them let see some pics...
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    Compile 'em all

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    AJ Muni

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    I would have to keep taking fioricets at ten minute intervals to actually use the machine :p

    Seems i may have to get a Revision A MBP in a year if they make all their laptops have the glossy screen

    Or i can show them my medical history and ask for a special order.
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    Roger is hot....

    Screen is probably nice for watching movies on - box looks awesome.

    Keyboard sucks ass sort of

    EDIT more pics

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    Roger is hot....

    I like the keyboard. And the pics from that link I gave you al (;)) make the black MB look a lot better.
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    Roger is hot...

    I really like the new looks - they did a nice job, and honestly, this will be a kick butt for anyone who doesn't use Photoshop. For now. :D

    I like how the keyboard is kind of recessed in. I wonder if the RAM is still under the keyboard, or if they moved it to the bottom?
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    Pretty screen for watching movies or working in low light. That'll be a bitch out in the daylight, or a normal office setting.

    Oh, and that Roger guy? I'd hit it.:p not;)
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    Roger is hot....

    From what I've heard, the RAM is now at the bottom.

    Also of note.. the mic. is now next to the iSight, and the speakers.. where the frack have they gone? :p
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    Look at the difference in brightness!

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    roger is hot…

    But, seriously, where did they put the speakers? Or do you get an ipod Hi-Fi for free if you buy one of these…they have got to get rid of the hi-fi some way
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    God that screen is NICEI even with gloss. I guess i'll stick it out with my iBook with out gloss, buy a iMac merom and be forced to buy a glossy apple laptop when my iBook can't run an OS with all the eye candy extra:rolleyes:
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    Ditto. On the screen that is, looks like a mirror.
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    Hmm... so is the macbook made of the same plastic as the ibook was?
    Anyone else think that the black might be a lot easier to see scratches?
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    *spits pizza all over desk*

    LOL :D
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    Roger is hot....

    If Roger can type, can he please say more about the keyboard sucking or not sucking ass? :eek:
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    I'd start this reply by pointing out that Roger is hot, but the rest of it would probably get censored. :eek: :eek:

    I guess the logical guess would be that the speakers are mounted under the keyboard? Don't some of the PBs/MBPs have speakers under the keyboard? Not that they've ever had a keyboard like this one, about which hot Roger refuses to comment. :eek: :D And not that they've ever ONLY had speakers under there.
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    Just say no to Roger!!

    Here's more pic I found (not mine) here.
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    what the heck - i think roger is hot also... i dont know why though. band wagons are fun, especially when you jump on them

    is it just me who thinks that the keyboard will have future crumb problems? there doesnt look to be a lot of clearance arond the whole the key goes into?

    ok im sad!
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    Aww! Roger!

    I like his MacBook, too!
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    I think Roger is smoking now... :D

    But anyway, I was thinking the speakers were in/around the hinge when you open it up?
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    They new keyboards look ghey™.

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