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Macbook Pro and iCurve

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Arip, Sep 14, 2006.

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    Does anyone uses iCurve with a Macbook Pro????

    can i have a picture????

    im thinking of buying one of those
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    Just google iCurve! Go to Griffin's website...!


    That's what it looks like with a laptop on top, so you can guess what it looks like with a MBP!

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    this is what it looks like w/o a keyboard... my brother split water on it. :(

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    I do, but no picture. I will give it a shining recommendation though. MBP, paired up with an iCurve and Bluetooth keyboard & mouse RULES.
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    with a 30" ACD display. ;)
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    Doesn't the MBP melt the stands? :confused: :D
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    I havn't used my Icurve in awhile, both my rooms are being re-done and my desk has been the floor for the past two weeks.

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