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MacBook Pro bottom?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by thegreatluke, Feb 3, 2006.

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    ^ That is the bottom of the MacBook Pro. ^ (Stole this image from Flickr, and I apologize to the guy from whom I'm stealing bandwidth.)

    There's a better image of it on the MacMod gallery, but that's down right now so I had to use this. Basically, that thing in the center is the only thing on the bottom.

    Excuse my language, but what the hell is that thing? It has the little battery meter buttons, but it's too big to be a battery - maybe it's a nice RAM upgrade slot? (Hopefully)

    Also, it's a bit ugly, don't you think? :p (Hopefully Apple makes the bottom look nicer before they ship MacBook Pro.)

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Well... I think the thing with the battery indicator is actually the batteries. The bottom part next to the battery looks like the RAM upgrade access. Looks to be much easier access than prior designs. Perhaps too easy.
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    From eyeballing it, does that look to be about the right size for MBP RAM?

    I reaaaaally hope it's an easy-peasy RAM slot - I ordered my MBP with 512MB and I'm planning to do light video / medium graphics work with it. You can't really do that on 512MB of RAM :D

    Also, it looks like Apple is pushing easy-access RAM slots in all Macs if this is indeed true.
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    Yup... looks to be right about the size I would expect. I think everything in the pic looks larger than you think. Looks to be only part of the Macbook. Perhaps the battery is off center?
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    Yeah, I saw a nicer image of the whole MacBook Pro underside (on the MacMod gallery, which is down right now) and that's all it is underneath. I don't know whether it's off-center or not, though.

    It looks to be a pretty big battery - hopefully we'll get decent battery life.
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    There is nothing from design stand point, only difference is the size. The 17" PowerBooks have the same desgin when it come the to battery, its release tabs (the two sliding things ) and the RAM access panel.
    Here is a prove.
    http://www.pbfixit.com/Guide/55.2.1.html and also check the next page.

    Nothing new here! :D

    EDIT: it looks like the RAM access panel gives you access to only one slot. So that is way Apple ships 1GB pre-installed.
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    Oh, thank you so much.

    But that means I won't be able to get 2GB total without waiting until the warranty finishes/voiding the warranty/spending a crapload of money to have someone else install it? (I ordered mine with 512 MB)

    Oh well :p I guess I'll have to survive with only 1.5GB for a while. But that'll be toughing it! :p
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    I've got a 17" PB from over 2 years ago and thats basically what the bottom of mine looks like.
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    dont listen to him. He doesnt know what hes talking about. BOTH ram slots are accesable.

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