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MacBook Pro + Cinema Display = Pain

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by idonotliketostu, Jun 9, 2011.

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    With lion, there's this new "feature".

    Macbook auto turns on internal display when lid opens when already connected to external display and powered on.

    If anyone know how to turn this off, help me.
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    I just figured out, if you leave the macbook pro open 1.5 inches open, internal display shuts off without going to sleep. If i try to open it further, display turns back on.

    Maybe i need a magnet...
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    Having exactly the same problem - however my MBP is over heating when it's like partially closed - I use quite intensive applications (Freelance Designer etc)... complete pain in the bum!

    I'm going to do some serious digging.

    If you find a solution that works do post it up, I'll do the same.

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    You could always dim your display to zero whilst a fix appears. When using my 17inch, the resolution is greater than my 1080p monitor, pointless have the screen illuminated if the ratio is changed making it impractical and dumb looking.
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    Why do you guys care whether or not the display on your MacBook is on? also, I run in clamshell mode all the time and have no heat issues. It was my understanding that it doesn't run any hotter closed as opposed to open. Have you guys actually had it overheat on you, or are just worried about it?
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    I like to have my lid open for the 17 inch speakers, I don't have external speakers so the lid shut muffles the sound. Only reason.
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    Another thing there is no minute (Opt+Shft) volume/brightness adjustment like in SL.
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    Sleep the Macbook Pro. Then plug in the display. Then using an external keyboard or mouse if you have it, press any key and the MBP will output only to the external display. Tried it.
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    That is the same as on SnowLeopard. I haven't linked up my display yet so never tried it, just went off what was said above.

    Lesson learned.
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    No luck

    Tried that... unplugged the Display, slept the MBP (screen open), plugged IN the Display, hit the mouse. Both came on. :-(
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