MacBook Pro Display Component Shortages Strangling Supply?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 18, 2007.

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    Apr 12, 2001

    According to AppleInsider, a supply shortage of the LED-backlit displays powering Apple's latest MacBook Pros are the cause of continuing shipping delays. In addition, the site reports that third party retailers have seen virtually non-existent stock of the units.

    Apple has not specified whether quality-assurance related yield issues are to blame, or rather it is simply a case of production not being fully ramped up for a relatively new technology.

    Currently, Apple's U.S. Online Store cites a 7-10 day ship time for 15" base configurations.

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  2. Macmaniac macrumors 68040


    My sister was able to pick one up at a store no problem. I would check with Apple Stores first if you want one.
  3. tinydragon123 macrumors member

    Sep 25, 2005
    San Diego
    i am hoping my two weeks shipping don't become six weeks.
  4. PDE macrumors 68020

    Nov 16, 2005
    For those who need one right now, has them in stock with free shipping and no tax.. I gave up waiting for the apple store to receive them (three weeks now with no stock of the 2.2ghz version) and just ordered from Amazon.
  5. MindBrain macrumors regular

    Jun 8, 2007
    Waaaah Waaaah

    OHH Boo Hoo spoiled brats have to wait 7 - 10 days for their shipment. Bunch of cry babys.
  6. AlBDamned macrumors 68030


    Mar 14, 2005
    The repair/quality issue has to be a factor somewhere here. If an abnormal number of people are sending back two, three or four machines (which judging by the number of threads on the issue there are a lot of cases) then it's going to play havoc with the availability, not to mention the screens may have an inherent problem which has to be fixed (like the XBOX 360's billion dollar problem).
  7. PDE macrumors 68020

    Nov 16, 2005
    very true. I've had three already....fourth coming on Friday! Yippeeee, Apple quality is a joke.
  8. DsurioN macrumors regular


    Jan 7, 2007
    I doubt this has much to do with apple but rather the quality and quantity of components shipped from their suppliers. There must be some design flaw in this relatively new LCD screen technology that they haven't corrected yet.
  9. AidenShaw macrumors P6


    Feb 8, 2003
    The Peninsula
    Nice to see that Apple fully supports their channel partners.


    No - since Apple chose the suppliers it is Apple's problem.

    If your new Apple arrived with a bad disk - would you be happy if all Apple did was to give you Fujitsu's toll-free service number? If you have a bad backlight, would you be happy if Apple gave you Samsung's service desk number? If the memory is bad, would Micron's email address be enough?

    If Apple didn't do the QA work on the components - it's Apple's fault.
  10. Rocketman macrumors 603


    To me, the major takeaway of this story is that Steve Jobs is still at the bleeding edge of several technologies within the construct of Apple.

    Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it "gets you". For the most part, overall, it is a case of "barely" UPOD by Steevie and a short list of apologies.

    He may be close to the vest and also on the edge of the presapice, but he is winning and rarely gets screwed.


    I wonder how long these screen suppliers will be "preferential" :)
  11. uNext macrumors 6502

    Aug 21, 2006
    I knew it
    New led displays=new problems.
    People where dying for the amazing new led panels to come out
    and now those amazing led panels are here and people are still havin led issues.
    Apple quality dropped while their market share gained. Sad that when a company share/market increases their product quality decreases.
  12. AlBDamned macrumors 68030


    Mar 14, 2005
    To clarify, it doesn't have anything to do with Apple's manufacturing because Apple doesn't actually manufacture any hardware. What it does have to with Apple is Apple's component quality testing and the decision to include such new technology in this model, effectively making the SR MPB with LED screen a Rev A product.

    Looking at it that way and Apple's recent history of Rev A products, the current problems are to be expected, if not entirely acceptable.
  13. MrSmith macrumors 68040


    Nov 27, 2003
    Therein lies the problem: Having problems has become acceptable. This kind of situation would not be accepted with any other product, so why computers? Since when is it acceptable for testing to be carried out by consumers?
  14. AlBDamned macrumors 68030


    Mar 14, 2005
    Corrected above. Am at this moment reading an OECD technology report and got my acronyms mixed up :eek:

    Most, if not all, brand new products have a failure rate of some kind. It's not acceptable so much as it is a way of life. The problem I think you're getting at is that this increasing failure rate is now getting unacceptable/stupid?
  15. Number41 macrumors newbie

    Mar 30, 2007
    "relatively new technology."

    you wish. OLED is new. LED is old.
  16. MrSmith macrumors 68040


    Nov 27, 2003
    Exactly. It's less "I was obviously born unlucky" and more a regular forum thread.
  17. AlBDamned macrumors 68030


    Mar 14, 2005
    Maybe, but 15.4" LED notebook screens are fairly new, wouldn't you say?
  18. rockosmodurnlif macrumors 65816


    Apr 21, 2007
    New York, NY
    Because virtually everyone knows its true. The hardware/software market is full of examples. Software/hardware is released that maybe feature complete and ready to go but first adopters are seen like test pilots.

    I know I'm not installing Leopard until an update comes out, I'm sure there are a fair amount of people who feel the same way. When the first MacBook Pros came out, there were people waiting until the next revision to buy theirs. GMail, Firefox, all came out as betas, much like Safari did, which implies that there were still bugs to be worked out.

    The iPhone just came out and I have read posts on people waiting for version to 2 to come out.

    I think its just the way this industry is.
  19. mrjk macrumors newbie

    Jun 23, 2003
    NOT LED Screens LED lights and LCD screens

    Apple sells no notebook with an LED screen, NONE. They have notebooks with new LED backlights for the same old LCD type screens they have been using all along. You may have meant this, but LED screens to me and a lot of others imply LED pixels, and that ain't the case here. Using an LED backlight is newer, but not that revolutionary or anything.
  20. AlBDamned macrumors 68030


    Mar 14, 2005
    Fair enough, but I think in this context and thread about MacBook Pros - with "LED-backlit displays" fully detailed in the opening post – it's pretty clear what we're talking about... :rolleyes:
  21. Rocketman macrumors 603


    "Consumer funded development" is a 'feature' of bleeding edge technologies. I know. Look at my name. Get over it, or buy from Dell/HP/Lenovo.

    BTW Dell has larger market share due to consumer risk adverse behavior.

  22. twoodcc macrumors P6


    Feb 3, 2005
    Right side of wrong
    well this is bad news. hopefully apple or whoever can get it worked out soon
  23. orl2222 macrumors newbie

    Oct 21, 2003
    so cal
    A week is not along time to wait. i ordered a T61 Thinkpad from Lenovo ( I refuse to run windows vista on my Macbook pro) Lenevo took three months to deliver me my T61 with xp pre-installed.So, a week delay is not bad at all.
  24. Gymnut macrumors 68000


    Apr 18, 2003
    Whew, makes me somewhat glad I ordered my MBP right after WWDC.
  25. mathwhiz90601 macrumors 6502


    Jul 5, 2007
    SoCal... wannabe Canadian
    I think I'm fairly safe to say that this would indicate a sharply increased likeliness that the new revision iMacs will NOT have LED technology in their screens.

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