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MacBook Pro runs Cooler in Lion :)

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by appleguy123, Feb 27, 2011.

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    My MacBook Pro is always running at about 130 in Snow Leopard. Screen Shot of Lion below.

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    OS could be reporting incorrectly.
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    It even feels cooler to me. Almost lukewarm to the touch.
  4. cootersgarage6, Feb 27, 2011
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    It depends.. Is the computer running everything faster? Or is it trying to tackle everything and struggling to keep up?
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    it's running smoothly and I'm not doing anything intensive.
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    Mr. Retrofire

    The kernel does some work "behind the scenes", and if Apple improved the code which does this, then it is quite possible, that your Mac runs cooler. Or more code is 64-Bit, which requires fewer memory accesses and consumes therefore less power.
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    Does your MBP belong to the Core i series or the Core 2 series? Because my Core 2 MBP runs hotter in Lion than it did in SL.
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    2.8 ghz c2d.
    My Mac's battery is worse though. Notably worse. I'm getting about 60% of Snow Leopard. I guess that can be expected from beta software.
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    I'm geting about 45% of my battery life in SL.
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    My battery life's the same under both?

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